9th International Forum on Tourism Statistics


19-21 November 2008

OECD headquarters, Paris (France)


The International Forum on Tourism Statistics provides, since 1993, a unique platform for the regular exchange of views and experiences on developments in tourism statistics. The aim is to discuss major technical issues concerning the establishment of harmonised tourism statistics in an environment that strengthens co-operation between governments, the private sector, researchers, academics, OECD and EU member and non-member countries, and international organisations.


The 9th forum examined current and future developments relating to the five major themes under discussion and their relevance for decision-making by government and enterprises. It ensured that the conclusions drawn from the discussions will lead to new improvements in tourism-related statistics and information in terms of, for example, ease of use, comparability and availability.

The main objectives were the following:

  • Broad-based participation by experts, researchers and academics from EU/OECD member countries and some non-member countries, and representatives from all branches of the tourism industry.
  • Presentation and discussion of selected case studies dealing with the implementation of statistical methodologies, definitions and classifications, as well as with the development of new statistical tools.
  • Sharing ideas, experiences and concepts as a basis for developing harmonised tourism statistics, and concrete proposals to improve the definition and measurement of tourism in the economy.
  • Identification of alternative information sources and promotion of new information technologies as a way to diminish the burden on tourism enterprises and improve the dissemination of statistics to all partners.
  • Development of integrated systems of tourism statistics and socio-economic indicators to present a global picture of tourism industries, especially to governments, and to establish linkages with the rest of the economy.

    The 9th forum focused on five major themes:

  • Changes in tourism behavior and demand.
  • The behavior and performance of enterprises in the tourism sector.
  • Selected measurement issues related to visitor surveys.
  • New approaches to data collection from the supply side.
  • Advanced usage of tourism statistics.

The forum was hosted by the French Ministry in charge of Tourism in partnership with the National Institute for Statistics and Economic Studies of France (INSEE), the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) and the Statistical Office of the European Communities (EUROSTAT).


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