Romina Boarini


Romina Boarini


Head of Section, Well-Being and Progress


Romina Boarini heads the Monitoring Well-Being and Progress Section of the OECD Statistics Directorate. In this role she is responsible for the statistical work behind the OECD Better Life Initiative, including Your Better Life Index and the report How’s Life? Measuring Well-Being.

She is member of various working groups on measuring quality of life and well-being, as the Eurostat Expert Group of Quality of Life and the WHO-Euro Well-Being Expert Group. Since recently, she is also contributing to the OECD project on Inclusive Growth.

She previously worked as Economist in the OECD Economics Department. Before this she worked in the OECD Social Affairs and Employment Department, carrying out analysis on well-being and deprivation.

She holds a PhD in Economics from the Ecole Polytechnique (Paris). Her research interests include well-being, distributive justice, material deprivation and education.




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