Nikos Charalambides


Nikos Charalambides


Executive Director

Greenpeace Greece

Born in Athens, 1961. Nikos Charalambides studied Physics at the University of Athens and earned his MSc from the University Pierre et Marie Currie (Paris VI) in France on Meteorology-Oceanology. Returning to Greece, Mr. Charalambides obtained his MSc in the University of Athens in General Oceanography. Since 1985 Mr. Charalambides has been actively involved in environmental protection mainly through his participation in grassroots organisations. In 1992 he joined Greenpeace as ocean ecology campaigner. In 1998 he became co-ordinator of the campaigns department. He has been the Executive Director of Greenpeace in Greece since 2002. He has also been Board member of the National Center of Environment and Sustainable Development. Mr. Charalambides initiated the campaign against genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in Greece. His work resulted in the ban of GMOs in Greece through national legislation protecting both consumers and farmers and their production from genetic pollution. Mr. Charalambides has been actively following the debate on energy-climate change for more than 10 years, working towards solutions to address climate change. He is at the forefront of the effort to increase renewable energy production and energy efficiency in the country. Over the past few years he has also been working towards Green Development, focusing on the need to find evidence-based solutions for the current climate-related and financial crises.

   Nikos Charalambides




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