Céline Charveriat


Céline Charveriat


Director of Advocacy and Campaigns

Oxfam International

Celine Charveriat is an experienced researcher, advocate, negotiator, and manager in the area of development. She has worked for over 10 years with Oxfam International, as well as previously holding roles in the Inter-American Development Bank and the Institute for International Economics. Ms. Charveriat began her career in Oxfam as a trade researcher, and then was appointed to establish an Oxfam advocacy office in Geneva, focused on the World Trade Organization. While she continued working in Geneva, she took the responsibility for directing Oxfam’s global campaign strategy on trade justice. Ms. Charveriat worked for three years as Deputy Director for Advocacy and Campaigns and has now held the position of Director for Advocacy and Campaigns since 2011. Throughout her period of working for Oxfam, Ms. Charveriat has managed diverse teams of development policy strategists and campaigners, as well as assisting Oxfam campaigners in Africa and Asia in building their capacity, managing Oxfam’s relationships with other civil society organisations and groups, representing Oxfam at high-level meetings with representatives of governments, and presenting Oxfam’s position to media outlets.





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