Akira Amari

Minister in charge of Economic Revitalization, Minister of State for Economic and Fiscal Policy, Japan

Akira Amari is currently Minister for Economic Revitalization, Minister for Economic and Fiscal Policy, and Trans-Pacific Partnership Minister (TPP). His portfolio includes Economic Revitalization, Economic and Fiscal Policy, the Total Reform of Social Security and Tax, and the TPP. Akira Amari graduated in 1972 from the Keio University Department of Law with a Major in Politics. Past ministerial positions include: Vice-Minister for International Trade and Industry (1989); Minister of Labour (1998); Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry (2006); and Minister for Regulatory Reform, Administrative Reform and Civil Service Reform (2008). He has been a Member of the House of Representatives since 1983, being successfully re-elected 10 times. At the House of Representatives, he has assumed the following responsibilities: Chairman of the Commerce and Industry Committee of the House of Representatives (1995) and Chairman, Committee on Budget (2004). He has also held a number of roles at the Liberal Democratic Party including: Director of the International Trade and Industry Division of the Liberal Democratic Party (1993); Chairman, Finance Committee and Chairman of the Research Commission on Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (2000); Acting Chairman of the Policy Research Council (2005); and Chairman of the Policy Research Council (2012).