Bente Hagem


Bente Hagem


Executive Vice President


Bente Hagem has held the position of Executive Vice President of Statnett SF, the Norwegian transmission system operator, since August 2001. She is in charge of the Commercial Division in Statnett which is responsible for the design and operation of the electricity market, grid tariffs, including contracts and invoicing of grid access services, weekly settlement of the wholesale market and operation of the renewable certification scheme. Her responsibility also includes business development such as cable projects to the Continent and to the UK.

Bente Hagem has been active in the Nordic and European TSO cooperation since 2001 and currently chairs the ENTSO-E NWE (North West Europe) Regional Group, with the main goal of delivering price coupling in the region. Before joining Statnett Bente Hagem was Vice President of Statoil ASA for ten years. She has been a board member of several Norwegian listed companies and chairman of the board of Nord Pool Spot (NPS). She is currently a board member of NPS. Bente Hagem holds a Masters Degree in Industrial Economics from the Norwegian University of Life Sciences. She is 59 years old, married with two sons.




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