• 8-January-2009

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    Digital learning resources as systemic innovation - Finland report

    The purpose of this review is to provide an overview and analysis of the use of digital learning resources (DLR) in Finnish schools and, based on this, to review and evaluate the process of innovation in a broad range of related policies projects and initiatives.

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  • 21-novembre-2008


    Maladie, invalidité et travail (Vol. 3) : Danemark, Finlande, Irlande et les Pays-Bas

    Trop de travailleurs quittent pour toujours le marché du travail pour raison de santé. Et trop de personnes affectées d’un handicap se voient refuser la possibilité de travailler. Ce rapport analyse les facteurs qui pourraient expliquer ce paradoxe.

  • 5-septembre-2008

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  • 16-June-2008

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    Ympäristön tila oecd- maiden maataloudessa vuodesta 1990: Maaosio: suomi

    Ympäristön tila oecd- maiden maataloudessa vuodesta 1990: Maaosio: suomi

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  • 28-April-2008


    OECD Public Governance Reviews - Finland: Working Together to Sustain Success

    With Finland’s traditional Nordic model, a rapidly ageing society, the global economic crisis and growing societal disillusionment the public administration has to be strategically agile in order to maintain fiscal sustainability and to respond to a complex and rapidly changing environment.

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  • 17-April-2008


    OECD Rural Policy Reviews: Finland

    A first rural policy review was conducted for Finland in 1995, and this edition offers a unique look at how Finnish rural policy has evolved since the initial recommendations made in 1995.

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  • 13-février-2008

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    Finlande -- services à la pêche

    Ce qui suit est l'inventaire nationale de la Finlande sur les services à la pêche soumis en 2007

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  • 11-décembre-2007


    Finlande (2007), Examen du CAD par les pairs, Principales conclusions et recommandations

    L’examen de 2007 montre que la Finlande est un acteur engagé sur la scène de la coopération pour le développement.

  • 1-October-2007


    Globalisation and Regional Economies: Can OECD Regions Compete in Global Industries?

    Despite concern about the negative impacts of globalisation on the economies of OECD regions, "Globalisation and Regional Economies" presents evidence that region-specific advantages remain a significant source of productivity gain for firms.

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  • 18-September-2007

    English, , 224kb

    Education at a Glance 2007 - Briefing Note Finland

    This note contrasts key findings for Finland with global trends among OECD countries, under the headings: quantity and quality challenges, equity challenges, and resource and efficiency challenges.

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