OECD Reviews of Health Systems - Finland



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OECD Reviews of Health Systems - FINLAND

This book evaluates the performance of the Finnish health system in terms of quality of care, efficiency, fiscal sustainability and equity. After reviewing the challenges the system faces in future, the report makes a number of recommendations for structural improvements to be made to the system.

The Finnish health system performs relatively well in international comparisons of many important dimensions of performance; the one notable exception is that there have been long waiting times for some services. But it also faces, in common with most other OECD countries, significant current and future challenges including: expensive technological change, a rapidly ageing population, and rising consumer expectations. These pressures threaten the ability of the system to continue to offer universal access to comprehensive health care in a way that remains both affordable and equitable in future. In addition to the recent reforms to the health system now being implemented, further improvements are needed to secure its future. After reviewing the strengths and weaknesses of the system, this report makes recommendations for improvements in the areas of fiscal sustainability, efficiency and equity.
This report is published in English only (with a resumé in French).

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Table of contents:

Executive Summary
Resume (In French)
Chapter 1. Organisation of the Finnish Health Care System
-Sources of Finance
-Provision of Services
-Payment of Providers
-Investment in Human Resources
-Patient Insurance
Chapter 2. The Performance of the Finnish Health System and its Determinants
-Health Status
-Macroeconomic Efficiency (Financial Sustainability)
-Microeconomic Efficiency (Value for Money)
-Equity in the Financing and Use of Health Care
-The Bottom Line
Chapter 3. Recent Reforms to the Finnish Health Care System
-The "Health 2015" Public Health Programme
-The SOMERA Commission
-The National Project on Safeguarding the Future of Health Care Services
-Reforms to the Regulation of Medicine
-Human Resources
-Waiting Times
-Electronic Patient Records
-Concentration of Public Laboratory and Imaging Services
-Long-Term Care Vouchers and Proposals to Reform the System of Support for Informal Carers
-Local Reforms
-The Project to Restructure Municipalities and Services
Chapter 4. Assessment and Recommendations
-Macroeconomic Efficiency (Sustainability)
-Microeconomic Efficiency (Value for Money)
-Equity in the Financing and Use of Health Care


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