• 15-July-2010

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    Prospects for growth and imbalances beyond the short term

    The global crisis has left the OECD area with lower potential output and a high government debt burden. Moreover, global imbalances are beginning to widen again.

  • 3-June-2010


    How to put the global economy on a sustainable growth path

    William White, Chair, OECD Economic and Development Review Committee on tackling imbalances and avoiding another crisis.

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  • 3-June-2010


    Beyond the crisis: Shifting gears

    The deep scars of the crisis can be relieved through appropriate policy action, particularly in competition, jobs, taxes and financial services. This would bolster long-term growth too.

  • 27-mai-2010

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    La politique économique contra-cyclique - Les principaux enseignements

    Dans de nombreux pays de l’OCDE, la récente crise économique a tendu les cadres d’action publique à un point proche de la rupture. De récents travaux de l’OCDE ont examiné l’interaction des politiques avec le cycle économique au fil du temps et lors de la crise récente.

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  • 26-May-2010

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    Thinking beyond Basel III - Necessary solutions for capital and liquidity

    In previous studies, the OECD has identified the main hallmarks of the crisis as too-big-to-fail institutions that took on too much risk, insolvency resulting from contagion and counterparty risk, the lack of regulatory and supervisory integration, and the lack of efficient resolution regimes. This article looks at how the Basel III proposals address these issues, helping to reduce the chance of another crisis like the current one.

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  • 26-mai-2010

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    PE87 Chapitre 6 : La politique économique contracyclique

    PE87 Chapitre 6 : La politique économique contracyclique

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  • 18-February-2010

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    Private Pensions and the Financial Crisis: How to Ensure Adequate Retirement Income from DC Pension Plans

    The current economic and financial crisis has shaken confidence in funded pension systems in general and in defined contribution (DC) pension plans in particular. The crisis has highlighted the impact of market conditions on retirement savings accumulated in DC pension plans and the uncertainty as to whether those retirement savings may prove adequate to finance retirement – particularly for those close to retirement. The purpose of

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  • 10-février-2010


    Réformes Economiques: Objectif Croissance 2010

    Objectif Croissance 2010

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  • 8-February-2010

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    The financial industry and challenges related to post-crises exit strategies

    Financial markets have recovered substantially but vulnerabilities remain significant. Ample liquidity may lead to new bubbles, particularly in some emerging markets, and uncertainties about governments’ exit strategies and regulatory changes weigh on a fledgling upswing. Co-ordination and communication of exit policies will be important, and exit from policy stimulus should not be precipitated at the current juncture. While financial

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  • 8-January-2010

    English, , 467kb

    The Elephant in the Room: The Need to Deal with What Banks Do

    Contagion risk and counterparty failure have been the main hallmarks of the current crisis. While some large diversified banks that focused mainly on commercial banking survived very well, others suffered crippling losses. Sound corporate governance and strong risk-management culture should enable banks to avoid excessive leverage and risk taking. The question is whether there is a better way, via leverage rules or rules on the

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