OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2018

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Published on September 03, 2018

The OECD Business and Finance Outlook is an annual publication that presents unique data and analysis on the trends, both positive and negative, that are shaping tomorrow’s world of business, finance and investment. Using analysis from a wide range of perspectives, this year’s edition addresses connectivity, both among institutions within the global financial system and among countries. Almost a decade on from the 2008 financial crisis, the Outlook examines new risks to financial stability that will put financial reforms to the test, focusing in particular on the normalisation of monetary policy, debt problems and off-balance sheet activity in China. With respect to connectivity among countries, the Outlook examines the new phase of globalisation centred on Asia/Eurasia, using China’s Belt and Road Initiative as a case study. It argues that this ambitious development plan has a number of economic issues to look out for, and that it would be best carried through with transparent “rules of the game” that will help ensure a level playing field for all.

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English OECD Business and Finance Outlook 2018 (Summary in English)
French Perspectives de l’OCDE sur l’entreprise et la finance 2018
Spanish Perspectivas de Negocios y Financieras de la OCDE 2018
German Unternehmens- und Finanzausblick der OECD 2018
Japanese OECD企業・金融業アウトルック2018
Italian Prospettive imprenditoriali e finanziarie OCSE 2018
Chinese 2018年OECD商业与金融展望
Czech Výhled OECD na rok 2018 týkající se obchodu a financí
Danish OECD handels- og finansperspektiver for 2018
Dutch OESO Vooruitzichten voor het bedrijfsleven en financiën 2018
Estonian OECD ettevõtlus- ja finantsväljavaated aastaks 2018
Finnish OECD:n yritystoiminta- ja rahoituskatsaus 2018
Greek ΟΟΣΑ Προοπτικές επιχειρηματικού και χρηματοπιστωτικού τομέα 2018
Hebrew תחזית עסקית ופיננסית של OECD לשנת 2018
Hungarian OECD üzleti és pénzügyi kilátások 2018
Icelandic Horfur í viðskiptum og fjármálum innan OECD 2018
Korean 2018년 OECD 비즈니스 및 금융 전망
Latvian OECD Uzņēmējdarbības un finanšu apskats 2018
Norwegian Utsikter for næringsliv og finans i OECD – 2018
Polish Raport OECD „Perspektywy w obszarze biznesu i finansów 2018”
Portuguese Perspetivas OCDE - Empresas e Finanças 2018
Russian Перспективы бизнеса и финансов ОЭСР 2018
Slovak Výhľad OECD v oblasti podnikania a financií na rok 2018
Slovene Pregled poslovnega in finančnega področja OECD 2018
Swedish OECD:s företags- och finansöversikt 2018
Turkish OECD 2018 İş ve Finans Görünümü


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The Belt and Road Initiative in the global trade, investment and finance landscape
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Financial system risk is elevated and global standards are essential in managing cross-border infrastructure investment, says OECD

3 September 2018 - A new OECD report, the 2018 Business and Finance Outlook, highlights a number of major risks having the potential to disrupt global economic growth. It notes that the gradual normalisation of monetary policy in an environment of growing debt will be a major test of whether the Basel III regulatory reforms have achieved their goal of ensuring safety and soundness in the financial system.

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