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  • 30-January-2013


    OECD-World Bank Conference on building financial capability in Africa and the Middle East

    This conference in Nairobi, Kenya, addressed specific issues relating to financial literacy in Africa and the MENA region. It presented the output of the Russia/OECD/World Bank Trust Fund on Financial Literacy and Education.

  • 13-December-2012


    Seminar on the evolution of financial consumer protection and education in Asia

    This seminar focused on key developments and challenges facing financial consumer protection and education in the Asian region.

  • 5-November-2012


    Financial Regulation and Innovation in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies

    Focusing on the OECD's contribution to the G20 on financial consumer protection and education, Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, provided the keynote address for a conference on "Financial Regulation and Innovation in Emerging Markets and Developing Economies," aimed at identifying policy alternatives that would foster economic growth while enhancing financial inclusion levels.

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  • 31-October-2012


    Colombia-OECD-World Bank Conference on Financial Education

    Cartagena, Colombia. This event addressed Latin American experiences in the development and implementation of national strategies for financial education, measurement of financial literacy and analysis of programmes targeted at hard-to-reach groups.

  • 11-September-2012


    Asian Seminar on financial literacy and inclusion

    Organised in Mactan, Cebu, Philippines, this event addressed upcoming challenges and issues related to financial education, literacy and inclusion, with a particular focus on the Asian region.

  • 31-August-2012

    English, Excel, 940kb

    Financial education in schools brochure

    This brochure describes the work of the OECD and its International Network on Financial Education to ensure that the financial education of children start as early as possible and be taught in schools.

  • 19-June-2012


    G20 Leaders Endorse OECD INFE High-Level Principles on National Strategies for Financial Education

    This endorsement reinforces the role of the Principles as one of the key global guidance instruments on financial education and awareness and as an overarching policy instrument offering governments and public authorities non-binding international guidance and policy options in order to develop efficient national strategies for financial education.

  • 10-May-2012


    OECD-Spain Conference on Financial Education

    This financial education conference focused on implementing national strategies for financial education and combining consumer protection and education to support households’ financial wellbeing.

  • 7-May-2012


    OECD Special Workshop on Implementation of Financial Education in Schools

    This workshop focused on implementation aspects of financial education in schools and was attended by practitioners, educationists and teachers.

  • 20-April-2012


    Current Status of National Strategies for Financial Education: A Comparative Analysis and Relevant Practices, OECD Working Papers on Finance, Insurance and Private Pensions, No.16

    In both developing and developed economies, the awareness of the importance of financial education led to the development of an increasing number of tailored national strategies for financial education. These frameworks promote a smoother and more sustainable co-operation between interested parties and stakeholders, avoid duplication of resources and allow the development of articulated and tailored roadmaps with measurable and

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