• 9-July-2014

    Spanish, PDF, 830kb

    PISA 2012 Financial Literacy results - Spain (Spanish)

    PISA 2012 financial literacy results focusing on the performance of Spain amongst 17 other countries and economies who participated in the assessment: Australia, Belgium (Flemish Community), Shanghai-China, Colombia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Israel, Italy, Latvia, New Zealand, Poland, Russia, Slovak Republic, Slovenia, and the United States

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  • 25-June-2014

    English, PDF, 524kb

    Teaching and Learning International Survey (TALIS)- Country Note - Spain

    Country notes highlight some key findings from TALIS 2013 for individual countries and economies

  • 26-May-2014

    English, PDF, 260kb

    Obesity Update 2014: Key Facts for Spain

    Adults obesity rates are high in Spain compared to the OECD. One in 6 adults is obese in Spain, and more than 1 in 2 is overweight (including obese).

  • 15-April-2014


    Taxing Wages: Country note for Spain

    The average worker in Spain faced a tax burden on labour income (tax wedge) of 40.7% in 2013 compared with the OECD average of 35.9%. Spain was ranked 14 of the 34 OECD member countries in this respect.

  • 1-April-2014


    Spain: From Administrative Reform to Continuous Improvement

    This Report gives a positive assessment of Spain’s public administration reform agenda and says few countries have put forward such ambitious and comprehensive plans for public reform. The review warns that the reforms must be an ongoing project and suggests giving citizens a bigger voice in the process as a way to enhance trust. It also notes that support from sub-national governments will be crucial.

  • 1-April-2014

    English, PDF, 421kb

    PISA 2012 problem-solving results - Spain

    Note summarising Spain's results in the PISA 2012 problem solving assessment.

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  • 18-March-2014

    English, PDF, 488kb

    Society at a Glance 2014 - Key findings for Spain

    This note presents key findings for Spain from Society at a Glance 2014 - OECD Social indicators. This 2014 publication also provides a special chapter on: the crisis and its aftermath: a “stress test” for societies and for social policies.

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  • 21-February-2014


    Apuesta por el crecimiento

    El ajuste producido como resultado de la crisis ha sido especialmente doloroso en países del sur de Europa, como España.

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  • 21-February-2014


    Going for Growth 2014: Spain

    The adjustment following the crisis has been particularly painful in Southern European countries, including Spain.

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  • 18-December-2013


    The 2012 Labour market reform in Spain: A preliminary assessment

    This report provides an initial evaluation of the comprehensive reform of the Spanish labour market undertaken in 2012. The report was commissioned to the OECD by the Spanish government and it complements the evaluation of the 2012 labour market reform undertaken by the Labour Ministry (Ministerio de Empleo y Seguridad Social (MEySS)) and presented in September 2013.

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