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  • 17-March-2009


    The Financial and Economic Crisis and Water

    The current crisis provides an impetus to push forward difficult reform, an opportunity that should not be wasted for the water sector, according to Angel Gurría. He affirmed that there were huge opportunities for job-creating and “shovel ready” investments in the water sector, particularly for water saving and the rehabilitation of networks, which require relatively short design and construction planning, compared to other types of

  • 29-January-2009


    Managing our future water needs: What can be done to provide the right incentives?

    In a world where advance-countries will have to increase their water spending by huge proportions to maintain existing level of service, and the developing countries have huge supply and sanitation challenges to meet, it is fundamental to have good water management practices, according to Mr. Gurría.

  • 8-December-2008


    Why should Finance Ministers worry about climate change?

    While political will is necessary to tackle climate change, financial measures are needed to keep down the cost of action. According to Angel Gurría, "Ministers of Finance share a common responsibility to help shape cost-effective policies to respond to climate change."

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  • 10-October-2008


    OECD Roundtable on Urban Strategy of Mayors and Ministers on “Competitive Cities and Climate Change”: Remarks by Angel Gurría

    Given that the majority of the world’s population lives in cities accounting for 60 to 80 percent of emissions, cities are key actors in our efforts to achieve long-term sustainable solutions to the global climate change challenge, according to Mr. Gurría.

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  • 2-October-2008


    The Conclusions and Recommendations of the OECD Environmental Performance Review

    In the lead-up to joining the European Union, Hungary made significant progress in reducing air and water pollution and protecting its nature and biodiversity, according to Mr. Gurría. However, he recommended that Hungary redouble its efforts, in order to further reduce pollution and use energy and raw materials more efficiently.

  • 18-septembre-2008


    « Énergie, environnement et changement climatique : libérer le potentiel d’innovation »

    Selon le Secrétaire général de l’OCDE, les coûts liés à une réduction ambitieuse des émissions de gaz à effet de serre seraient vraisemblablement plus élevés que prévus mais resteraient bien en deçà du prix à payer en cas d’inaction.

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  • 1-septembre-2008


    L’eau pour tous : une question de bonne gouvernance - Le point de vue de l’OCDE

    Dans son discours prononcé au 13ème Congrès mondial de l'eau, Angel Gurría a affirmé que l’accès durable à l’eau et à l’assainissement pour tous - l’un des objectifs les plus ambitieux de la communauté internationale - nécessite une réponse concertée au niveau mondial.

  • 15-August-2008

    English, , 32kb

    Joint Statement by the South African Minister of Finance, Trevor A. Manuel, and the OECD Secretary-General, Angel Gurría, regarding Enhanced Engagement between South Africa and the OECD

    The world is rapidly transforming and a number of dynamic emerging economies,including South Africa, have become major players and trading partners with the members of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development(OECD). In this context, the OECD Members have recognised the need for theOrganisation to become more open and relevant in order to realise its strategicgoal of becoming an important hub for dialogue on globally

  • 10-June-2008


    Water: an Under-Delivered Promise

    In his speech delivered at the Conference of Montreal, Angel Gurría underlined that growing pressures from agriculture, energy production and industries were imperilling our water resources. He affirmed that all countries - OECD and developing countries alike – need to introduce urgently policy reforms and scale-up best practices to avoid dire consequences.

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  • 3-June-2008


    Changing Climate Change: The New Dimension of Economics

    At the opening session of the OECD Forum 2008, Angel Gurría underlined that the overall effectiveness of actions against climate change would be eroded without the participation of all the world’s countries. He added that while the cost of ambitious mitigation policies would be considerably lower than the cost of inaction, they would still not be inexpensive.The OECD can help, through finding least-cost policy instruments designed to

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