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Environmental taxation


Green growth challenge: Shifting the tax burden in favour of environmentally related taxation

Pricing instruments encourage broad-based action to reduce environmental damage at least cost and should be a central pillar of green growth policy. They provide incentives for further efficiency gains, green investment and innovation and shifts in consumption patterns. Increased or more effective use of environmentally related taxes can drive growth-oriented reform by shifting the tax burden away from more distortive taxes, e.g. on corporate or personal income, and contribute to fiscal consolidation. 

Towards Green Growth: Tracking Progress, 2015


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taxing energy use: report and data visualisation

Energy is a critical input into the production and consumption patterns that support economic and social wellbeing. However, many forms of energy use contribute to the environmental and climate challenges societies face today. Taxation is a key tool by which governments can influence energy use to contain its environmental impacts. This report provides a systematic analysis of the structure and level of energy taxes in OECD and selected other countries; together, they cover 80% of global energy use. This report builds on the 2013 edition of Taxing Energy Use, expanding the geographic coverage of the 2013 data set to include Argentina, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Russia and South Africa.


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