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  • 28-April-2014


    Insight Blog - Wake up and save the coffee: Making development climate-resilient

    A new OECD report describes what Ethiopia and Columbia are doing to sustain development in a changing climate.

  • 10-avril-2014


    La Colombie doit faire plus sur l'environnement pour une croissance économique durable, selon l’OCDE

    La Colombie abrite l’une des plus riches biodiversités de la planète mais les industries extractives, le pâturage, l’urbanisation et la circulation automobile exercent des pressions croissantes sur ce patrimoine naturel, selon un nouveau rapport de l’OCDE.

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  • 2-April-2014


    Environmental Policies and Risk Finance in the Green Sector: Cross-country Evidence

    Risk finance is essential for new ventures to commercialise new ideas and grow, especially in emerging sectors. Yet very little is known about the drivers and characteristics of risk finance in the green sector. This paper aims to fill this gap by providing a detailed description of risk finance in the green sector across 29 countries and identifying the role that policies might have in shaping high-growth investments.

  • 31-March-2014


    Insights Blog: IPCC and climate change risks - What would you do?

    The latest Climate Change Report from the IPCC argues that human interference with the climate system is occurring, and climate change poses risks for human and natural systems. The report identifies eight major risks with high confidence, and says that each of these risks contributes to one of more of the five “reasons for concern”.

  • 18-March-2014


    Climate Change Expert Group (CCXG) Global Forum - March 2014

    This event held on 18-19 March 2014 at the OECD is part of a series of seminars, organised by the OECD and the IEA, which aims to promote dialogue and enhance understanding between a wide range of experts on technical issues in the international climate change negotiations. The agenda, presentations and list of participants are now available.

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  • 17-mars-2014


    Pays-Bas : la gouvernance de l’eau face aux enjeux démographiques et climatiques

    Les Pays-Bas jouent un rôle de pionnier au niveau mondial dans le domaine de la gestion de l’eau, s’employant depuis longtemps avec succès à contenir les risques d’inondation et à gagner des terres sur la mer. Pourtant, d’après une étude de l’OCDE, le pays devra adapter ses politiques de gouvernance de l’eau aux nouveaux enjeux de l’évolution démographique, du développement régional et du changement climatique.

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  • 17-March-2014


    Blog: Fighting the tide - Preparing for the water-related impacts of climate change

    With headlines of record‑breaking water-related disasters around the world, this blog, written by Kathleen Dominique, OECD Environment Economist, discusses the water impacts of climate change. This post is part of Wikiprogress' series on "water" and the "environment".

  • 14-February-2014


    Video: How should governments prepare for floods?

    In light of the UK floods, this 3-minute Q&A with OECD Environmental Economist Kathleen Dominique discusses how governments should be preparing for climate change-related weather events.

  • 24-January-2014


    A call for zero emissions from the World Economic Forum in Davos

    OECD Secretary-General, Mr. Angel Gurría, gives his views in this blog from the World Economic Forum in Davos on the huge risk that carbon dioxide emissions pose to the economy and the environment.

  • 24-December-2013


    The Swedish Tax on Nitrogen Oxide Emissions: Lessons in Environmental Policy Reform - Environment Policy Paper No. 2

    This case study describes the approach taken to reduce NOx emissions from combustion plants, the challenges encountered and the social, environmental and economic impacts. It concludes by discussing the wider lessons that are raised for other governments seeking to develop similar policy responses.

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