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  • 13-février-2007

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    Synthèses : Améliorer les marchés du recyclage

    Les sociétés produisent des quantités toujours plus importantes de déchets solides : emballages, postes de télévision abandonnés, épaves automobiles, etc. Leur élimination, souvent par enfouissement dans des décharges ou incinération, entraîne une sérieuse contamination des sols, ainsi qu’une pollution de l’air et de l’eau. La gestion sûre et efficiente des déchets solides dangereux revêt une importance particulière.L’une des façons

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  • 2-February-2007


    Economics of Waste

    A broader OECD project has analysed the environmental effectiveness and economic efficiency of instrument mixes addressing selected environmental issues. In this connection, case studies of the instrument mixes addressing household waste have been prepared.

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  • 30-November-2006


    Improving Recycling Markets

    Markets for many classes of recyclable materials are growing, but market failures and barriers are constraining some markets. This report presents the case for the use of 'industrial' policies which address such market failures and barriers.

  • 11-septembre-2006


  • 17-August-2006


    Fact Sheet: Extended Producer Responsibility

    Extended Producer Responsibility is a concept where manufacturers and importers of products should bear a significant degree of responsibility for the environmental impacts of their products throughout the product life-cycle, including upstream impacts inherent in the selection of materials for the products, impacts from manufacturers’ production process itself, and downstream impacts from the use and disposal of the products.

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  • 1-March-2006


    EPR Policies and Product Design: Economic Theory and Selected Case Studies

    This document discusses the Design for Environment impacts of Extended Producer Responsibility policies.

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  • 9-November-2005


    Database on Transboundary Movement of Wastes destined for Recovery Operations

    Database of country-specific requirements for the application of "OECD Decision on Transboundary movements of waste destined for recovery operations" [C(2001)107/FINAL].

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  • 3-March-2005


    Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility Programmes

    Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy approach where the responsibility of producers for their products is extended to include the social costs of waste management. This document, prepared by Prof. Stephen Smith, proposes a framework for analysing the costs and benefits of such programmes

  • 30-September-2004


    Towards Waste Prevention Performance Indicators

    This document is split into three parts, Part 1, Pressure Indicators and Drivers for Waste Generation identifies drivers for the generation of municipal waste, its components and some other waste streams. A set of pressure indicators for waste prevention are proposed for trial use by OECD and its member countries. Part 2, Response Indicators, assesses whether the available information would suffice the development of response

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  • 1-January-2004


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