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2nd Workshop on Environmentally Sound Management (ESM) of Waste in Vienna, Austria, 28-29 September 2000


2nd Workshop on Environmentally Sound Management of Waste destined for recovery operations, held on 28-29 September 2000 in Vienna, Austria

Meeting Documents:


Participants List

Summary Report

Session One: Experience with ESM

Outcome of Canadian Survey on Member Countries experiences with ESM

Different stages in the process of growing to a high level of environmental management

The evolution of materials used in personal computers

Session Two: Guidelines/Standards for ESM

Case study on guidelines/standards for personal computers

Environmentally sound management - a global concept with concrete applications

Strategic planning for an ESM system for recovery operations

Session Three: Guidelines/Checklists for evaluation of the environmental soundness of an importing facility (general/waste stream specific)

Pilot checklist and explanatory memorandum for the evaluation of the environmental soundness of an importing facility: Management of the waste stream - used personal computers

Description of a planned collection and treatment system for waste electrical and electronic equipment

Mechanical processing of EOL EEE - One chance for the ESM of used PCs and other IT-appliances

Voluntary asset recovery programs for used electronics and the role of ESM