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  • 11-February-2011


    Green Growth

    The aim of the OECD Green Growth Strategy is to provide a clear framework for how countries can achieve economic growth and development while at the same time preventing costly environmental degradation, climate change and inefficient use of natural resources.

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  • 21-décembre-2010


  • 17-December-2010


    Closing the Gap on Climate Finance

    To mark the final report of the UN High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF), OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría wrote an op-ed entitled “Closing the Gap on Climate Finance” for Danish business newspaper Børsen on 7th November 2010.

  • 16-décembre-2010


    Politique climatique, innovation et transfert technologiques : un panorama des tendances et des résultats empiriques récents - Document de travail No. 30

    Le présent document de travail fournit des données sur la création et la diffusion internationale de certaines technologies d’atténuation du changement climatique, et sur leurs liens avec les principales initiatives des pouvoirs publics.

  • 10-décembre-2010


    Changement climatique : le potentiel de Cancún

    La 16ème Conférence des Parties sur le changement climatique a eu lieu du 29 novembre au 10 décembre 2010. Quelles mesures ont été prises ?

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  • 9-December-2010


    Tackling climate change: How to ensure the necessary finance flows

    In his remarks, A. Gurría said that countries need to be ambitious in taking unilateral actions and that a cost-effective approach to reducing emissions could cost just a fraction of a percentage point of GDP per year.

  • 8-décembre-2010


    Subventions aux combustibles fossiles

    Au Sommet de Pittsburgh, en septembre 2009, les dirigeants du G20 sont convenus « d’éliminer progressivement et de rationaliser à moyen terme les subventions inefficaces accordées aux combustibles fossiles qui encouragent la surconsommation ».

  • 6-December-2010


    Economics of Climate Change Mitigation

    OECD’s modelling work supports governments in identifying least-cost policies or policy mixes to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions, and assesses the cost and impacts of possible post-2012 international frameworks.

  • 26-November-2010

    English, , 489kb

    Policy Brief: Addressing International Competitiveness in a World of Non-uniform Carbon Pricing: Lessons from a decade of OECD analysis

    This policy brief highlights lessons learned from a decade of OECD and IEA policy analysis on the international competitiveness issue in climate policy and provides key policy messages.

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  • 26-November-2010

    English, , 481kb

    Policy Brief: Summary of OECD/IEA analyses for COP-16: Scaled-up Market Mechanisms – What is Needed to Move Forward?

    In negotiation sessions leading up to COP 16 progress on outlining post-2012 market mechanisms has also been limited. The OECD and IEA have researched the possibility to expand carbon markets by granting broader access to developing countries.

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