• 28-April-2010

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    Environmental Policy and Household Behavioural Change - Saving Energy - Observer Article

    In 2008, the OECD carried out a survey of people's behaviour towards the environment in ten OECD countries and five areas including energy. This article from the OECD Observer provides information on the findings that emerge from this survey in the energy area.

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  • 19-February-2010


    Innovation effects of the Swedish NOx charge

    This report links the introduction of the Swedish NOx charge to technology adoption and development of mitigation technology.

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  • 29-September-2004


    OECD Umweltprüfbericht Schweden

    Ein neuer OECD Bericht würdigt die innovative und effektive schwedische Umweltpolitik. Schweden setzt z.B. gezielt marktwirtschaftliche Instrumente

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