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  • 11-April-2014

    English, PDF, 1,307kb

    Policy Highlights - Scaling up finance mechanisms for biodiversity

    Biodiversity loss is a major environmental challenge facing humankind. Biodiversity - and associated ecosystems - provide a range of invaluable services to society that underpin human health, well-being and economic growth. These include food, clean water, flood protection and climate regulation.

  • 19-November-2013


    OECD celebrates World Toilet Day

    This year the United Nations has officially declared 19 November World Toilet Day to raise awareness of the sanitation crisis faced by millions every day. Similarly, the OECD places great importance on the issue of water and sanitation. It has undertaken significant work on the issue to help promote global awareness, encourage action and propose viable solutions.

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  • 6-November-2013


    Biodiversity Offsets: Opportunities and challenges for their effective design and implementation

    The workshop brought together government, the private sector, IGO's, NGO’s and other experts and practitioners, so as to exchange experience and lessons learned on the key opportunities and challenges associated with biodiversity offset schemes.

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  • 23-October-2013


    International Conference on Joining Forces to Develop Smart, Cost-Effective Urban Water Utilities, Tel Aviv

    The Government of Israel and the OECD co-organised an international conference on "Joining Forces to Develop Smart, Cost-Effective Urban Water Utilities: Policy, Economics, Environment, Regulation and Technologies" on 23 October 2013, in Tel Aviv.

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  • 2-September-2013


    OECD participation in the 2013 World Water Week

    The OECD participated in this annual event held in Stockholm (1-5 September 2013) where two major reports "Water Security for Better Lives" and "Water and Climate Change Adaptation: Policies to Navigate Uncharted Waters" were launched by the OECD's Secretary-General, Angel Gurría.

  • 2-September-2013


    Water Security for Better Lives

    This publication examines the critical issues surrounding water security (water shortage, water excess, inadequate water quality, the resilience of freshwater systems), providing a rationale for a risk-based approach and the management of trade-offs between water and other (sectoral and environmental) policies.
    The report sets out a three-step process to “know”, “target” and “manage” water risks: (1) appraising the risks, (2) judging the tolerability and acceptability of risks and weighing risk-risk trade-offs, and (3) calibrating appropriate responses.
    The publication provides policy analysis and guidance on the use of market-based instruments and the complex links between water security and other policy objectives, such as food security, energy security, climate mitigation and biodiversity protection.

  • 22-August-2013


    Future Flood Losses in Major Coastal Cities

    Climate change combined with rapid population increases, economic growth and land subsidence could lead to a more than 9-fold increase in the global risk of floods in large port cities between now and 2050.

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  • 15-mars-2013

    Français, PDF, 410kb

    Programme horizontal de l'OCDE sur l'eau : récents et prochains travaux

    Mise à jour des travaux en cours et à paraître pour 2013-2014 du projet sur l'eau.

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  • 15-February-2013

    English, PDF, 1,756kb

    Presentation 1a: Role of national ecosystem assessments in influencing policy making, C. Brown (1 Feb 2013)

    Presentation for the CGDD-OECD Seminar on the assessment of ecosystem services and its use for public policies.

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  • 26-octobre-2012


    De la vie sur Mars

    La découverte par Curiosity, le robot de la NASA, de preuves que de l’eau a coulé dans le passé sur la planète Mars, suscite de nombreuses questions.

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