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  • 12-January-2006


    Economic Valuation of Environmental Health Risks to Children

    This OECD book proposes an in depth analysis of the main methodological difficulties associated with estimating the social value of a reduction in environmental health risks to children.

  • 28-November-2005


    The Political Economy of the Norwegian Aviation Fuel Tax

    This report was prepared by the Norwegian consultancy firm ECON Analyse as part of a broader work on "the political economy of environmentally related taxes".

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  • 28-November-2005


    The Competitiveness Impact of CO2 Emissions Reduction in the Cement Sector

    This report was prepared by D. Demailly & P. Quirion of the research institute CIRED, France, and has benefited from a deep collaboration with the Institute for Prospective Technological Studies.

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  • 27-October-2005


    Children's Environmental Health

    A research project on the economic valuation of environmental health risks to children has been developed in order to help policymakers identify health and safety risks that largely affect children, and to develop guidelines for the valuation of children’s health environmental risk.

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  • 26-September-2005


    Children's Environmental Health Indicators: a survey

    This report proposes an overview of the current programmes designed to elaborate children's environmental health indicators. It also examines their consistency with OECD guidelines on the development and measurement of indicators, in order to determine their usefulness to OECD member countries.

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  • 20-September-2005

    English, , 359kb

    Children's Health Indicators

    In the context of the work undertaken on the economic valuation of children's environmental health, this report considers current programmes in an overview designed to elaborate children's environmental health indicators.

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  • 20-septembre-2005

    Français, , 191kb

    Children's Health Synthesis Report

    This synthesis report was prepared as part of the OECD programme on the "Social and Environment Interface". It is based on the findings and discussions arising out of the OECD Workshop on "The Valuation of Environmental Health Risks to Children", held in September 2003.

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  • 1-June-2005

    Russian, , 569kb

  • 3-March-2005


    Analytical Framework for Evaluating the Costs and Benefits of Extended Producer Responsibility Programmes

    Extended Producer Responsibility is a policy approach where the responsibility of producers for their products is extended to include the social costs of waste management. This document, prepared by Prof. Stephen Smith, proposes a framework for analysing the costs and benefits of such programmes

  • 28-February-2005

    English, , 17kb

    The United Kingdom Climate Change Levy: A Study in Political Economy

    This document, prepared by Prof. David Pearce, assesses the political economy of the UK Climate Change Levy. The levy has contributed to the UK climate change targets. It may well have fared better than some regulations, but whether it has done better than a pure carbon tax is debateable.

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