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  • 27-January-2005


    Die Gunst der Stunde: Die Überwindung der Hindernisse bei der Einführung der Leistungsabhängigen Schwerverkehrsabgabe in der Schweiz

    Dieser Bericht ueber die Ueberwindung von politischen Hindernissen bei der Einführung der Leistungsabhängigen Schwerverkehrsabgabe in der Schweiz wurde erstellt von Ueli Balmer vom schweizer Bundesamt fuer Raumenentwicklung.

  • 24-January-2005


    The Window of Opportunity: How the Obstacles to the Introduction of the Swiss Heavy Goods Vehicle Fee have been Overcome

    This document, prepared by Ueli Balmer, assesses the political economy of the implementation of the distance-related fee for heavy goods vehicles in Switzerland. Due to the new fee, and a higher weight limit, heavy goods transport on the road has become much more efficient.

  • 24-January-2005


    Manure Policy and MINAS: Regulating Nitrogen and Phosphorus Surpluses in Agriculture of The Netherlands

    This document, prepared by Prof. Oene Oenema and Paul B.M. Berentsen, assesses the political economy of the implementation of the ‘minerals accounting system’ MINAS in the Netherlands. While the system contributed to some environmental improvements, the costs of its implementation were rather high.

  • 3-June-2004

    English, , 559kb

    Environment and Employment: An Assessment

    Drawing on previous work (OECD, 1997), this synthesis report on Environment and Employment expands the analysis with a particular emphasis on the economy-wide employment impacts of environmental policies in general, and of climate change policies in particular. The main objectives are to update information on employment in environmentally-related sectors in OECD Member countries; examine the contribution of environment-related local

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  • 17-May-2004


    Tradeable Permits: Policy Evaluation, Design and Reform

    This publication brings together the reports presented at the 2003 OECD workshop on Ex-Post Evaluation of Tradeable Permits and reviews the recent secondary literature on the evaluation of tradeable permits and policy evaluation.

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  • 12-March-2004

    English, , 256kb

    Environmental pollution and product charges in Armenia: Assessment of reform progress and direction for further improvement, 2004

    Environmental Pollution and Product Charges in Armenia: Assessment of Reform Progress and Direction for Further Improvement

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  • 1-January-2004


  • 7-July-2003

    English, , 206kb

    The Use of Tradable Permits in Combination with Other Environmental Policy Instruments

    Tradable permits are rarely introduced alone, but are instead usually implemented with other policies such as regulations and taxes. This report examines the interactions between tradable permits and other policies, and sets out conditions under which it is preferable to use them in combination.

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  • 11-June-2003


    Environmental Taxes and Competitiveness: an overview of issues, policy options and research needs

    This paper gives an overview of issues and policy options concerning competitiveness and environmentally related taxes, and offers some suggestions on further research needs.

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  • 3-avril-2003


    L'OCDE et l'AEE créent une nouvelle base de données sur les instruments économiques employés dans la politique de l'environnement

    L'OCDE et l'Agence européenne pour l'environnement ont créé une base de données conçue pour aider les pouvoirs publics à faire des choix parmi les instruments économiques et approches volontaires utiles à la protection de l'environnement.

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