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  • 11-February-2000


    Frameworks to Measure Sustainable Development: An OECD Expert Workshop

    This publication reviews a number of initiatives undertaken within the OECD to monitor trends in the sustainability of specific sectors and sub-national areas.

  • 2-February-2000


    OECD/China Seminar on Environmental Monitoring

    The aim of this seminar was to take stock of current environmental monitoring practices in China and in OECD countries.

  • 8-October-1999


    Indicators for the Integration of Environmental Concerns into Transport Policies

    The indicators in this report are intended to promote the integration of environmental concerns into transport policies.

  • 8-October-1999


    Towards More Sustainable Household Consumption Patterns: Indicators to Measure Progress

    The aim of this report is to provide measured indicators of OECD countries' consumption patterns and trends, thereby relating conceptual and policy-oriented work to available economic and environmental data.

  • 27-September-1999


    Advanced Air Quality Indicators and Reporting

    This report presents a peliminary review of air quality status and trends in OECD countries based upon elaboration of the indicators developed for major traditional pollutants.

  • 29-July-1998


    Towards Sustainable Development: Environmental Indicators

    Interest in sustainable development and awareness of the international dimension of environmental problems, have stimulated governments to track and chart environmental progress and its links with economic conditions and trends. This publication ...

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  • 29-April-1998


    Assessing Environmental Health Problems in Central and Eastern Europe and the NIS : The Role of Data and Indicators

    In May 1997, OECD and WHO's European Centre for Environment and Health (ECEH, Bilthoven, Netherlands) organised a Workshop on Environmental and Environmental Health Information to Support NEAPs and NEHAPs: Using Data and Indicators.

  • 3-avril-1998


    Recommandation du Conseil sur l'information environnementale [C(98)67/FINAL]

    Recommande que les pays membres prennent toutes les mesures nécessaires, dans le cadre de leur législation nationale, pour donner au public un plus large accès aux informations sur l'environnement que détiennent les autorités publiques.

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  • 4-March-1997


    Environmental Indicators: A Review of Selected Central and Eastern European Countries

    This report presents selected indicators on the state of and trends in environmental conditions, pressures and responses across five Central and Eastern European countries and the Russian Federation.

  • 6-December-1996


    The Environmental Information Systems of Mexico

    This report reviews the environmental information system (EIS) in Mexico. Environmental information is viewed as responding to decsion making and public information needs in the transition of Mexico towards sustainable development.

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