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  • 31-March-2009


    OECD Side Events at UN Climate Change sessions in Bonn, March-April 2009

    OECD/IEA Annex I Expert Group SIDE EVENT at UNFCCC meetings in BonnDifferent Strokes for Different Folks: post-2012 MRV and FinanceTuesday, March 31, 13:00 to 15:00 OECD Side Event at AWG BonnSpaghetti Junction: Untangling the strands of a post-2012 climate deal Tuesday,

  • 24-mars-2009


    Economic Aspects of Adaptation to Climate Change: Integrated Assessment Modelling of Adaptation Costs and Benefits - Document de travail No.6

    Ce document de travail entend apporter un éclairage sur des problématiques essentielles concernant les politiques qui associent investissements dans l’adaptation et investissements dans l’atténuation et leur évolution possible dans le temps.

  • 13-March-2009


    "Key Issues of the Post-2012 Climate Change Framework" Global Forum on Sustainable Development

    "Key Issues of the Post-2012 Climate Change Framework" Global Forum on Sustainable Development (Annex I Expert Group)4-5 March 2009, Paris, OECD Conference Centre, Paris, France

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  • 10-décembre-2008


    The Economics of Climate Change Impacts and Policy Benefits at City Scale: A Conceptual Framework - Document de travail No. 4

    Ce document de travail tisse une toile de concepts de l'évaluation de l'impact économique urbain du changement climatique et l'objectif de fournir aussi bien un cadre conceptuel et méthodologique pour les travaux de l'OCDE dans ce domaine.

  • 8-December-2008


    Why should Finance Ministers worry about climate change?

    While political will is necessary to tackle climate change, financial measures are needed to keep down the cost of action. According to Angel Gurría, "Ministers of Finance share a common responsibility to help shape cost-effective policies to respond to climate change."

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  • 10-October-2008


    OECD Roundtable on Urban Strategy of Mayors and Ministers on “Competitive Cities and Climate Change”: Remarks by Angel Gurría

    Given that the majority of the world’s population lives in cities accounting for 60 to 80 percent of emissions, cities are key actors in our efforts to achieve long-term sustainable solutions to the global climate change challenge, according to Mr. Gurría.

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  • 8-octobre-2008


    Assessing Climate Change Impacts, Sea Level Rise and Storm Surge Risk in Port Citites: A Case Study on Copenhagen - Document de travail No. 3

    Ce document de travail décrit une méthologie afin d'évaluer les impacts économiques du changement climatique en ville, en s'appuyant sur l'augmentation du niveau de la mer et des orages.

  • 2-October-2008


    The Conclusions and Recommendations of the OECD Environmental Performance Review

    In the lead-up to joining the European Union, Hungary made significant progress in reducing air and water pollution and protecting its nature and biodiversity, according to Mr. Gurría. However, he recommended that Hungary redouble its efforts, in order to further reduce pollution and use energy and raw materials more efficiently.

  • 11-juillet-2008


    Séminaire parlementaire de haut niveau de l’OCDE : Changement climatique

    L’OCDE organise un séminaire parlementaire de haut niveau sur le thème « Changement climatique » qui se tiendra au siège de l’OCDE à Paris le jeudi 2 octobre 2008 de 9h00 à 17h00.Le changement climatique nous confronte à la nécessité d’agir « tout de suite ». Il concerne aussi bien l’environnement que l’économie mondiale. Les températures mondiales vont continuer à s’élever, à moins d’une réduction sensible des émissions de gaz à

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  • 23-June-2008


    Expert Workshop on Economic Aspects of Adaptation to Climate Change, 7-8 April 2008

    Adaptation to climate change is now widely recognized as an equally important and complementary response to greenhouse gas (GHG) mitigation. Adaptation measures are increasingly being put in place in both developing and developed countries, and by bot

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