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  • 28-July-2011


    Harmonising Climate Risk Management: Adaptation Screening and Assessment Tools for Development Co-operation - Environment Working Paper No. 36

    This Working Paper analyses set of tools targeted to screen climate change risks and focuses on the need to consider the experiences of users as well as developers, and to investigate the extent to which tools are meeting user needs.

  • 25-mai-2011

    Français, , 788kb

    Sauvegarder la compétitivité internationale dans un monde caractérisé par une tarification non uniforme du carbone : Enseignements tirés d’une décennie d’analyses de l’OCDE

    La présente note de synthèse met en lumière les enseignements qui se dégagent d’une décennie d’analyses par l’OCDE et par l'AIE du problème de la compétitivité internationale dans le cadre de la politique climatique

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  • 5-May-2011


    CCXG work on Technology Innovation, Development and Diffusion

    The work on technology aims at improving our understanding of how technology innovation, development and diffusion - and international collaboration - can help change the technologies towards lower carbon intensity and greater resilience.

  • 4-mai-2011


    Hacia una economía verde: Cómo puede contribuir el sector energético español a luchar contra el cambio climático

    Nuestras economías requieren un cambio de motor. La era del carbón está desahuciada. Las energías renovables son el único futuro viable si queremos proteger la vida. España tiene que liderar esta transformación, convirtiendo al medio ambiente y al crecimiento verde en su nuevo motor.

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  • 8-avril-2011


    Villes et marchés du carbone : Mécanisme pour un développement propre (MDP) et mise en œuvre conjointe (MOC) : Bilan de l’expérience des villes - Document de travail No. 29

    Ce document de travail examine dix études de cas approfondies portant sur des projets urbains, envisagés ou existants, dans le domaine de la mise en oeuvre conjointe (MOC) ou du mécanisme pour un développement propre (MDP) du Protocole de Kyoto.

  • 29-March-2011


    Global Forum on Measuring, Reporting and Verification & Carbon Markets (March 2011)

    The Global Forum/CCXG Seminar stimulated dialogue between governments and (non-governmental) experts from a wide range of countries and key organisations on aspects of carbon markets and measurement, reporting and verification (MRV) of action on climate change.

  • 21-March-2011

    English, , 504kb

    Financing Climate Change Action and Boosting Technology Change (policy brief)

    The OECD is ready to assist countries in their efforts to find lasting solutions to finance action on climate change, building on the long-standing work of the organisation to share country experiences and identify lessons learnt and policy recommendations for good practice.

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  • 11-February-2011


    Green Growth

    The aim of the OECD Green Growth Strategy is to provide a clear framework for how countries can achieve economic growth and development while at the same time preventing costly environmental degradation, climate change and inefficient use of natural resources.

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  • 21-décembre-2010


  • 17-December-2010


    Closing the Gap on Climate Finance

    To mark the final report of the UN High Level Advisory Group on Climate Change Financing (AGF), OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría wrote an op-ed entitled “Closing the Gap on Climate Finance” for Danish business newspaper Børsen on 7th November 2010.

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