• 13-December-2010


    Capacity building seminar: New strategies for tourism and local development in the Mediterranean region (Trento, Italy) - 1st Edition

    The seminar aimed to build and share the knowledge and know-how of participants on how to develop integrated strategies based on sustainable tourism and build new and innovative tourism policies, which reflect local characteristics and which address local need, engaging local communities.

  • 8-November-2010


    Capacity building seminar: Local development, innovation and social capital (Trento, Italy)

    A one-day capacity building event was held at the Trento Centre on Monday, 8th of November, 2010. A delegation from the Korean Ministry of Employment and Labour and Korean provincial governments visited the Trento Centre to examine strategies for stimulating local employment

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  • 1-November-2010


    SMEs, Entrepreneurship and Local Development in the Marche Region, Italy

    The Marche region is one of the most industrialised regions in Italy and is considered a region of excellence. This report provides advice on how to further strengthen and restructure the economy of the Marche region through the use of appropriate SME and entrepreneurship policies.

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  • 8-October-2010


    Report: Sustainable tourism and local development in Apulia region, Italy

    Apulia is recognised as one of southern Italy‘s most dynamic regions.This report intends to provide a discussion of issues related to tourism and local development in Apulia region and aims to assist the Regional Government of Apulia and in reviewing policies and assets of the Region.

  • 22-June-2010


    Sustainable tourism and local development in Apulia region (Italy)

    The study of Apulia aims to review policies and assets of the Region, so to provide recommendations and guidance to: (i) implement new sustainable tourism development strategies;(ii) strengthen the value of Apulia destination’s sites proposition;(iii) foster skills and capacities at local level.

  • 9-June-2010


    Capacity building seminar: Local strategies for greening jobs and skills (Trento, Italy)

    "Greening the economy" is today one of the most pressing issues in OECD countries. This seminar reviewed the impact of climate change on local labour markets and studied the different tools and methods that can be used to help the transition to a greener local economy.

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  • 4-June-2010


    5th Festival of Economics in Trento, Italy, 3-6 June 2010

    The OECD LEED Trento Centre, in cooperation with the School on Local Development of the University of Trento, organised a round-table session on: “1989-2010 two decades of transformations in the new Europe: development choices and trajectories”, on Friday 4 June at 3 p.m.

  • 12-May-2010


    5a edizione del Festival dell’Economia, Trento, Italia, 3-6 giugno 2010

    Il Centro OCSE LEED di Trento, in collaborazione con la Scuola sullo Sviluppo Locale dell’Università di Trento organizza una tavola rotonda sul tema: “1989-2010 due decenni di trasformazione nella nuova Europa: scelte e traiettorie di sviluppo”, venerdì 4 giugno 2010 alle ore 15:00.

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  • 10-May-2010


    Training course: "Strategies for local economic development: Focus on green jobs" (Turin, Italy)

    An intensive 2 week course for local level development practitioners. Main objectives were to enhace participants skills in the design and implementation of innovative and green Local Employment Development strategies.

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  • 10-mars-2010

    Français, , 120kb

    Réformes économiques : Objectif croissance 2010 - Notes par pays - Italie

    Les notes par pays de l’édition de cette année d’Objectif croissance présentent deux particularités. La première tient à la place accordée au contexte actuel de crise et de reprise, tandis que la seconde marque l’arrivée à maturité de l’exercice qui sous-tend Objectif croissance.

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