• 1-December-2009


    Southeast Asia Regional Policy Network on Education and Skills

    The rapidly developing Southeast Asia region is confronted with significant labour market challenges. This initiative aims to address the issues of employment and skills, especially through an interaction platform for members.

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  • 8-avril-2009


    Séminaire: Emploi et Inégalité - quelles conséquences pour Brésil, Chine et Inde?

    Séminaire organisé par la Direction de l'emploi, du travail et des affaires sociales de l'OCDE (ELS) et le Centre de Développement de l'OCDE (DEV) sur "Emploi et Inégalité: quelles conséquences? Nouvelles preuves, nouveaux liens et nouvelles réponses politiques au Brésil, en Chine et en Inde".&l

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  • 13-July-2007


    Designing effective employment strategies through Local Economic Development in China, Beijing, 26 April 2007

    This event took place within the framework of the LEED project on the Local Governance of Employment and Skills in East Asia. The workshop discussed strategies and initiatives in China and experts shared diverse lessons learned from various OECD countries.

  • 12-September-2005


    Governance in China

    Governance is the next issue the People’s Republic of China needs to tackle. This report shows how governance impacts on public action by looking at different policy sectors, takes stock of the progress made in public management and public finance, and explores policy options for the future.

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