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OECD Reviews of Health Systems - Russian Federation


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ISBN: 9789264168091
Pages: 117  

Publication date: 21 June 2012



The review assesses the institutional arrangements and the performance of the Russian health system.

As with earlier reviews of health care systems, performance is assessed on a range of criteria: access to health care services of high quality; the degree of insurance coverage for health care costs; the fiscal/financial sustainability of the health care system; and the overall efficiency with which health care services are produced and provided.

In addressing these issues, the report aims at furthering the debate on health reforms in the Russian Federation through a review of the strengths and weaknesses of the current system and an evaluation of alternative paths of reform drawing, where relevant, on the experience of other countries.


Table of contents


 - Assessment and recommendations
 - Increased emphasis needs to be given to prevention
 - Issues of access should be addressed
 - The capacity of the health care system to provide high-quality care needs 
 - There is considerable scope for efficiency gains
 - Building a wide consensus for further reform

Chapter 1. The organisation of the Russian health system
 - Geography and economic diversity
 - The transition to a market economy, economic crises and population health
 - The economic size and structure of the health sector
 - The organisation of the health care system in the Russian Federation
 - Financing the health care system 
 - Health-service delivery 
 - Payment arrangements
 - Ensuring quality of care 

Chapter 2. Recent health policy developments in the Russian Federation
 - Restoring the capacity of the health system to provide high-quality care 
 - Reducing mortality through better prevention and better care
 - Enhancing access to care
 - Sustainability of the financing of the health care system
 - Future institutional development 

Chapter 3. The performance of the Russian health system 
 - Health status in the Russian Federation in an international perspective
 - Assessing the performance of the Russian health system
 - Priorities for improving efficiency and achieving better health outcomes

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