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Achieving Better Value for Money in Health Care


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ISBN: 978-92-6407423-1 (PDF)

Publication date:
November 2009

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Released on Monday, 9 November 2009


OECD Health Policy Studies
Achieving Better Value for Money in Health Care

Directorate for Employment, Labour and Social Affairs, Health Division

This document has been produced with the financial assistance of the European Union.

Rising public health care spending remains a problem in virtually all OECD and EU member countries. As a consequence, there is growing interest in policies that will ease this pressure through improved health system performance. This report report examines selected policies that may help countries better achieve the goal of improved health system efficiency and thus better value for money. Drawing on multinational data sets and case studies, it examines a range policy instruments. These include: the role of competition in health markets; the scope for improving care coordination; better pharmaceutical pricing policies; greater quality control supported by stronger information and communication technology in health care; and increased cost sharing.




Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Patterns of Health Care Spending Growth

• Patterns of expenditure growth over the recent past
• Contributions to growth in spending
• The share of health-care spending in GDP
• Factors potentially contributing to differences in the level of health care spending
• Demands placed on the health system
• Supply-side factors
• Differences in health care spending: the broader picture

Chapter 2. Market Mechanisms and the Use of Health Care Resources
• Experience to date
• Improving policies

 Chapter 3. Improving Health Care System Performance through Better Co-ordination of Care
• Interest in co-ordination of care issues is increasing
• Care co-ordination: issues, practices and concerns
• Policies for system-wide improvements in care co-ordination
• Care co-ordination may benefit from greater health-system integration

Chapter 4. Ensuring Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Expenditures
• Current policies, instruments and experiences and their impact
• Improving policies

Chapter 5. Using ICT to Monitor and Improve Quality in Health Care
• What is quality of care?
• Improving quality measurement in health care and the role of ICT


Chapter 6. The Impact of User Charges on Health Care
• User charges in high income countries
• Developments in Europe
• Evaluating user charge experiments

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