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  • 9-November-2010


    Tackling Inequalities in Brazil, China, India and South Africa - The Role of Labour Market and Social Policies

    The conference aims to address the links between labour market outcomes and inequality in emerging economies and to consider which labour market and social policies can help governments in alleviating poverty and in promoting more inclusive societies.

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  • 31-October-2010


    Distributional Consequences of Labor Demand Adjustments to a Downturn: A Model-Based Approach with Application to Germany 2008-09 (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 110)

    Macro-level changes can have substantial effects on the distribution of resources at the household level. While it is possible to speculate about which groups are likely to be hardest-hit, detailed distributional studies are still largely backward-looking.

  • 28-October-2010


    Decomposing National Defined-Contribution Pensions: Experience of the OECD Countries' Reforms (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 109)

    This paper compares notional defined-contribution pension schemes (also known as notional accounts) with two alternative designs of earnings-related pension schemes: points systems and definedbenefit plans.

  • 23-octobre-2010


    Montée du chômage des jeunes dans la crise : Comment éviter un impact négatif à long terme sur toute une génération ? (Document de travail sur les affaires sociales, l'emploi et les migrations n° 106)

    Les jeunes ont été très sévèrement touchés par la crise économique globale. Dans la zone OCDE, le taux de chômage des jeunes (15-24) a progressé de près de 6 points de pourcentage entre fin 2007 et fin 2009 pour atteindre près de19 %.

  • 1-October-2010


    Trends in Pension Eligibility Ages and Life Expectancy, 1950-2050 (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 105)

    The pensionable age is the most visible parameter of retirement-income systems. This paper surveys pensionable ages in the OECD for a period of a century: back to 1950 and forward to 2050.

  • 28-September-2010


    Reforming Policies on Foreign Workers in Israel (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 103)

    This working paper presents the Israeli labor migration scheme that lies not only by socio-economic considerations but also by geopolitical interests. These were linked to the articulation of a unilateral "separation" paradigm between Israelis and Palestinians that prevailed during the Oslo year

  • 28-September-2010


    Israeli Child Policy and Outcomes (Social, Employment and Migration Working Paper No. 104)

    This working paper presents an overview of child policy in Israel. It covers a wide range of services and policies that are intended to further the wellbeing of children in Israel or that have an impact upon the wellbeing of children.

  • 23-septembre-2010


    Maladie, invalidité et travail: surmonter les obstacles - Canada : des possibilités de collaboration

    A partir d’un examen des bonnes et mauvaises pratiques observées dans les pays de l'OCDE, ce rapport sur le Canada suggère qu’une série de réformes de fond s’impose afin de promouvoir l’emploi des personnes atteintes de problèmes de santé.

  • 16-September-2010

    English, , 587kb

    Can social policy make a difference to the quality of life?

    Presentation at "Different dimensions of the quality of life, Turning Economic Growth into Better Quality of Life in Europe" Brussels on 14th September 2010.

  • 16-avril-2010


    OCDE Réunion d'experts Santé Mentale, Invalidité et Travail, 26-28 Avril 2010

    La réunion a pour but de rassembler les décideurs politiques, chercheurs et autres experts pour contribuer à mettre en place un cadre analytique sur les questions liées à l'insertion sur le marché du travail des personnes souffrant de maladie mentale.

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