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Conference for Displaced Workers 16-17 May 2013



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Thursday, 16th May                                    


Opening session: Presentation of the OECD Analytical Report on Displaced Workers, by Glenda Quintini, OECD. Presentation

Discussant: Donald Storrie, European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions, Head of Employment and Change Unit. Presentation



Session 1: The costs of job displacement

  • “The costs of job loss: new evidence from household survey data in UK”

By Richard Upward, University of Nottingham. Presentation

  • “The Risk and Cost of Job Loss in Canada, 1978-2008”

By René Morissette, Statistics Canada. Presentation



Session 2: Heterogeneous wage losses after displacement

  • “Decomposition of worker wage losses due to job displacement”

By Pedro Portugal, Bank of Portugal and Nova School of Business and Economics. Presentation

  • “Wage changes after different types of dismissal in Denmark”

By Niels Westergård-Nielsen, Aarhus University. Presentation

  • “Are workers more vulnerable in tradable industries?”

By Kent Elliason and/or  Pär Hansson, Swedish Agency for Growth Policy Analysis​. Presentation



Session 3: Case study Japan

  • “Policies for displacement in Japan”

By Masakuni Hirashima, Planning Director for Employment Policy, Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare of Japan. Presentation

  • “Long-term effect of displacement in Japan”

By Ryo Kambayashi, Institute of Economic Research Hitotsubashi University and Mayu Fujii (The National Institute of Population and Social Security Research). Presentation


Friday 17th May

Session 4: The effects of job displacement on job quality and mortality

  • “Job quality impact of displacement: Evidence from France”

By Vahé Nafilyan, OECD, Paris School of Economics. Presentation

  •  “Lethal Layoffs: Understanding the Mortality Effects of Job Loss”  

By Kristiina Huttunen, Aalto School of Economics.



Round table: Key policy issues and recommendations


  • Sandrine Cazes, ILO
  • Nicole Primmer, BIAC
  • Roland Schneider, TUAC

Launch of the country-review phase of the project

Presentation by Paul Swaim


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