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Based on the Education Policy Outlook Country Profiles, Voices of Education Policy runs short interviews with policy makers who have been asked to respond to two important questions:

1. What do you think are the key elements of your country's education policy that make it a successful system?

2. What is most pressing policy challenge and how are you currently responding to it?




“We have to rethink our education order to make sure that every child, whatever their background, has the same chances to succeed“  -  Acting Director for Strategy and Evaluation at DG for Education, Youth, Sport and Culture Adam Tyson talks about how the European Union is supporting countries to address persisting challenges in Europe, particularly inequality.



"We believe in learning" - How Estonia works to promote high performance.  


Learn more about Estonia's education system here



Marc Tucker, NCEE
What are the keys to successful education systems? 

John Bangs, TUAC

Jonathan Greenhill, BIAC

Access the BIAC Survey on Education

Paul Barker, Ministry of Education,
New Zealand.

Access the Profile for New Zealand

Ismael Sanz, director del INEE, comenta el análisis de la OCDE sobre los retos de la política educativa española.


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