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How the Review will be carried out

The Review was launched in 2013 to help countries exchange best practices and learn from one another, and to gather and disseminate evidence of what works in school resource policies.It entails three different strands of work.


1. Analytical work

Evidence-based policy lessons are drawn together from international data, research and analysis. Countries participating in the Review complete a Country Background Report using the Review’s common framework. 

2. Country Review work

A team of up to five reviewers (including at least two OECD Secretariat members) analyse the Country Background Report and undertakes an intensive case study visit of about eight days in the country. For each country a Country Review Report is produced that suggests priority actions for improving the use of school resources in that country.

3. Synthesis work

Thematic comparative reports bring together the analytic and review evidence to provide overall ideas for policy development.

The design and implementation plan (English / Français) provides more information on project methodology.

The project is overseen by the Group of National Experts on School Resources, which was established as a subsidiary body of the OECD Education Policy Committee in order to guide the methods, timing and principles of the Review.

The OECD and the European Commission have established a partnership for the Review which involves covering part of the participation costs of countries taking part in the European Union’s Lifelong Learning Programme and entails a broad collaboration between the two organisations.


What the Review will produce

  • Country Background Reports describing the national approach to school resources. These are authored by participating countries according to OECD guidelines (English / Français ).
  • Country Review Reports with OECD proposals for priority actions to improve the use of school resources in specific countries.
  • Meetings of the Group of National Experts (GNE) to review progress and share experiences.
  • Background paper/literature reviews exploring the issues related to school resources
  • A typology of approaches to resource use in school systems.
  • Thematic comparative reports that draw out the key lessons for policy makers and policy options for improving the effectiveness of resource use in schools.


Project documents

Project Flyer: English / Français 

Design and Implementation Plan: English / Français 

Guidelines for Country Background Reports: English / Français 

Conceptual Framework: English / Français 

Thematic Modules English / Français 


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