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Enhancing Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care (ECEC)



Early childhood education and care (ECEC) is a growing policy priority in many countries. A growing body of research recognises that ECEC brings a wide range of benefits, including social and economic benefits; better child well-being and learning outcomes as a foundation for lifelong learning, more equitable outcomes and reduction of poverty, and increased intergenerational social mobility.


These positive benefits are directly related to the “quality” of ECEC. The new policy output Encouraging Quality in Early Childhood Education and Care was accorded the highest priority among all proposed policy outputs in 2008 by the Education Policy Committee. This activity will investigate what defines quality, which policies can promote and enhance quality, and how such policies can be effectively put in place, drawing on the work of Starting Strong I II.


The main overarching policy question of the project is: How can countries put in place policies that would raise quality in ECEC? The analytical approach  focuses on addressing the challenge of moving from policy analysis to successful implementation.


The project will deliver four output types:

Output type 1: Policy tool box

  • The policy tool box will aim to translate or transform selected policy orientations into practical policy tools, checklists, materials and/or strategies for implementation.

Output type 2: Country-specific policy profile

  • Of the policy tool box, a country-specific policy profile can be prepared for countries, adapted to their country-specific needs.

Output type 3: Policy forum(s) and a summary of the forum(s) in individual countries

  • Using the country-specific policy profile, policy forum(s) will aim to further help countries for
     effective implementation of the selected policy.

Output type 4: Round table discussion on implementation

  • After a round of national policy forums had been held, the OECD will hold a roundtable among all
     member countries to exchange country experiences featuring those countries that participated in policy forum(s).


The project was launched in 2010. For more information on the project methodology, click here.


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