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  • 23-April-2015

    English, PDF, 2,266kb

    Education in Focus No. 31 - How is the global talent pool changing (2013, 2030)?

    The global talent pool has grown over the past decade and is expected to continue growing through to 2030. The number of young people aged 25-34 with a tertiary qualification increased by nearly 45% between 2005 and 2013 in OECD and G20 countries and is expected to keep increasing in the coming decade.

  • 23-April-2015


    The global talent pool has taken on a dramatically different look (OECD Education Today Blog)

    The world is living through one of its most extraordinary revolutions, with game-changing implications, many of them still unknown.

  • 14-April-2015


    A mini-milestone for PISA in Focus (OECD Education Today Blog)

    This month, PISA in Focus examines the impact of good teacher-student relations on both students’ well-being and performance. It’s not surprising that when students feel that their teachers are interested in them and support them they feel happier at school and often do better in school.

  • 14-April-2015


    Literacy for life (OECD Education Today Blog)

    As jobs increasingly involve analysing and communicating information, individuals with poor literacy skills are more likely to find themselves at risk.

  • 1-April-2015


  • 29-March-2015


    International Summit on the Teaching Profession (29-30 March 2015 Banff, Alberta, Canada)

    ISTP 2015 will be held in Banff, Alberta, on March 29–30, 2015, and will bring together education ministers and leaders of teachers’ unions and associations from a number of high-performing and rapidly improving education systems.

  • 25-March-2015


    Education will fortify Indonesia's future (blog article by Andreas Schleicher)

    Education will fortify Indonesia's future (OECD Education Today Blog)

  • 25-mars-2015


  • 17-March-2015


    OECD Education Today Blog: Why aren’t more girls choosing maths and science at university?

    Last Saturday, 14 April, Equal Pay Day reminded the world again of the large gap between men’s and women’s wages. Eradicating unjustifiable gender inequalities in earnings seems to be very hard to accomplish.

  • 17-mars-2015

    Français, PDF, 2,288kb

    Indicateurs de l'éducation à la loupe N° 30 - Éducation et emploi : quelles différences entre les sexes ?

    Des inégalités persistent entre les sexes dans certains domaines : les hommes sont ainsi plus nombreux à étudier les sciences, l’informatique et l’ingénierie, tandis que les femmes dominent les domaines de l’éducation, de la santé et de la protection sociale.

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