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  • 21-février-2013


    Qualité de l’éducation et rendement sur le marché du travail en Afrique du Sud

    Dans cette étude nous incluons des variables de qualité de l’éducation dans les régressions déterminant le rendement sur le marché du travail des niveaux d’éducation atteints.

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  • 21-février-2013


    L’éducation et son rendement sur le marché du travail en Afrique du Sud, 1994-2010

    Dans cette étude nous examinons les rendements de l’éducation sur le marché du travail entre 1994 et 2010 à l’aide d’enquêtes-ménages nationales.

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  • 18-February-2013


    G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors Meeting: Financial Consumer Protection/Financial Education

    The OECD has shown its commitment to this strand of G20 work by providing your Leaders with key global principles to enhance financial consumer protection in 2011 at the Cannes Summit; and by promoting the development of consistent financial education strategies with the High Level OECD/INFE Principles on national strategies for financial education delivered, said Angel Gurría, OECD Secretary-General.

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  • 13-February-2013


    PISA in Focus N°25: Are countries moving towards more equitable education systems?

    Most of us think of education as the great leveller; but are our education systems really doing all they can to ensure that boys and girls from all backgrounds have an equal shot at a high-quality education? As this month’s PISA in Focus reports, some countries have been more successful than others in levelling the playing field for their students.

  • 12-February-2013


    Revisión de Políticas Nacionales de Educación: El Aseguramiento de la Calidad en la Educación Superior en Chile 2013

    A lo largo de los últimos 50 años, la educación superior de los países de la OCDE se ha caracterizado por los fenómenos de expansión y diversificación. Chile no es una excepción a esta tendencia: se ha experimentado un aumento espectacular en el número de alumnos, así como de la oferta de nuevas instituciones y carreras.

  • 6-February-2013


    2013 International Summit on the Teaching Profession (Amsterdam, 13-14 March 2013)

    The theme of the third annual International Summit on the Teaching Profession, to be held in Amsterdam on 13-14 March 2013, focuses on teacher evaluation and professional standards.

  • 6-février-2013


  • 5-February-2013


    OECD Reviews of Innovation Policy: Sweden 2012

    This OECD Review of Innovation Policy for Sweden offers a comprehensive assessment of Sweden's  innovation system, focusing on the role of government. It provides concrete recommendations on how to improve policies that affect innovation performance, including R&D policies, and identifies good practices from which other countries can learn.

  • 24-January-2013

    English, PDF, 2,152kb

    Reviews of National Policies for Education: Tertiary Education in Colombia 2012

    In Colombia, the beginning of a new century has brought with it a palpable feeling of optimism. Colombians and visitors sense that the country’s considerable potential can be realised, and education is rightly seen as crucial to this process. As opportunities expand, Colombians will need new and better skills to respond to new challenges and prospects.

  • 15-January-2013

    English, PDF, 2,614kb

    Education Indicators in Focus No. 10 - What are the social benefits of education?

    On average across 15 OECD countries, a 30-year-old man tertiary graduate can expect to live another 51 years, while a 30 year-old man who has not completed upper secondary education can expect to live an additional 43 years. A similar comparison between women in the two educational groups reveals less of a difference than that among men.

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