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  • 28-May-2014

    English, PDF, 2,317kb

    Education Indicators in Focus No. 23 - At what age do university students earn their first degree?

    Across OECD countries, the median age students first graduated from university fell by 6 months between 2005 and 2011.

  • 26-May-2014


    PISA Data Visualisation Contest

    PISA Data Visualisation Contest

  • 13-May-2014

    English, PDF, 2,297kb

    Education Indicators in Focus No. 22 - How much time do primary and lower secondary students spend in the classroom?

    Students in OECD countries are expected to receive a total of 7 751 hours of instruction on average during their primary and lower secondary education – the bulk of that time is compulsory.

  • 5-mai-2014


    Retransmission vidéo du Forum de l'OCDE 2014 : Une économie résiliente pour une société inclusive

    Le Forum 2014, intitulé Une économie résiliente pour une société inclusive, s'articulera autour de trois thématiques : croissance inclusive, emploi et confiance, explorant les multiples facettes de la résilience et les moyens de "rebondir" face aux défis economiques, sociaux et environnementaux actuels.

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  • 2-May-2014

    English, PDF, 1,907kb

    EDU NAEC Paper Series n° 1. How closely is the distribution of skills related to countries’ overall level of social inequality and economic prosperity?

    Skills are critically important for the economic performance of countries. Greater proficiency in key skills among workers drive productivity and participation in the labour force, thus leading to increased growth and prosperity. In turn, higher economic output provides individuals, companies and the state with the resources to improve the opportunities for acquiring and developing skills.

  • 29-April-2014

    English, PDF, 1,502kb

    A Skills beyond School Review of Israel

    Higher level vocational education and training (VET) programmes are facing rapid change and intensifying challenges. What type of training is needed to meet the needs of changing economies? How can employers and unions be engaged? The country reports in this series look at these and other questions. They form part of Skills beyond School, the OECD policy review of postsecondary vocational education and training.

  • 10-April-2014

    English, PDF, 3,835kb

    Improving Schools in Wales: An OECD Perspective

    The report Improving Schools in Wales: An OECD Perspective proposes a comprehensive strategy for Wales to support equity and quality in its school system building on a comparative perspective. It draws upon lessons from PISA, high performers and successful reformers in education, and on the research and analysis of key aspects of education policy in Wales undertaken by the OECD-Wales Review Team.

  • 8-April-2014


    Quality Apprenticeships for Giving Youth a Better Start in the Labour Market, G20-OECD-EC Conference

    This conference on 9 April 2014 will provide an opportunity for a mutual sharing of good practice in fostering the better insertion of youth into the labour market through the development of quality apprenticeships. It would also seek to foster a greater commitment by countries to take action to introduce or strengthen apprenticeship initiatives and to take stock of the progress achieved.

  • 7-April-2014


    Financial Education for Youth

    This book addresses the challenges linked to the introduction of financial education in schools and and provides practical guidance and case studies to assist policy makers.

  • 7-April-2014

    French, PDF, 2,092kb

    Indicateurs de l'éducation à la loupe No. 17 - Les filières professionnelles du deuxième cycle du secondaire améliorent-elles les perspectives d’emploi des jeunes adultes ?

    Pour un tiers de la population des pays de l’OCDE, le niveau de formation le plus élevé atteint est un diplôme d’une filière professionnelle du deuxième cycle de l’enseignement secondaire. On estime qu’environ la moitié de cette population obtiendra un diplôme d’une filière professionnelle au cours de sa vie.

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