Compétences au-delà de la scolarité

AHELO Acronyms


List of Acronyms for the AHELO Feasibility Study


 AHELO Assessement of Higher Education Learning Outcomes
 ACER Australian Council for Educational Research (Australia)
 CAE Council for Aid to Education (USA)
 CHEPS Centre for Higher Education Policy Studies (the Netherlands)

Center for Postsecondary Research (USA)

 CLA Collegiate Learning Assessment
 EDPC Education Policy Committee
ETS Educational Testing Services (USA)
GNE Group of National Experts
HEI Higher Education Institution
IC Institutional Coordinator
IEA International Association for the Evaluation of Educational Achievement (the Netherlands)
IMHE Programme on Institutional Management in Higher Education
IMHE GB IMHE Governing Board
NIER National Institute for Educational Policy Research (Japan)
NPM National Project Manager
NSSE National Survey of Student Engagement
OECD Organisation for Economical Cooperation and Development
PIAAC Programme for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
PISA Programme for International Student Assessment
PT Performance Task
TAG Technical Advisory Group
SCG AHELO Stakeholders Consultative Group



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