Productivité et croissance à long terme

Meeting of National Economic Research Organisations, OECD Headquarters, 20 June 2011





 09:15-12:15    Round 1: Labour markets in the crisis

  1.1. Cross-country presentations

  [09:15-10:45; each presentation lasts 15-20 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes discussion]

Alain de Serres, OECD

Labour market adjustments to the crisis

Karl Aiginger, WIFO 

Differences in labour market performance in the crisis

Full paper:

Why labour market performance differed across countries: the impact of institutions and labour market policy

Paul Swaim

OECD income support policies during the crisis

  1.2. Country-specific presentations

  [10:45-12:15; each presentation lasts 10-15 minutes followed by 0-10 minutes discussion]

Alexandre Mas, NBER

The US labour market in the current crisis

Jonathan Portes, NIESR

Youth unemployment in the UK in the crisis

Bill Robson, CD Howe

The Canadian labour market in the recent crisis

Lubomir Lizal, CERGE-EI 

Czech firm-level labour demand in the crisis

Rob Euwals, CPB

Dutch labour market adjustment in the recent crisis

Sandwich lunch (30  minutes)

 12:45-14:45    Round 2: Policy reform going forward

 [Each presentation lasts 15-20 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes discussion]

Alain de Serres, OECD

Policies to prevent unemployment persistence

Didier Blanchet, INSEE

Low-wage policies

Alexandre Mas, NBER

Effectiveness of active labour market policies

Philip O’Connell, ESRI

Activation and training programmes

14:45-16:15    Round 3: Specific labour market issues

 [Each presentation lasts 15-20 minutes followed by 10-15 minutes discussion]

Fernando de Holanda Barbosa Filho, FGV

The labour market in Brazil

Rob Euwals, CPB

Labour market flexibility in the Netherlands

Ryo Kambayashi, TCER

Long-term employment and job security in the United States and Japan
Hélène Périvier, OFCE Gender effects of the economic crisis on the labour market in six European countries

16:15-16:45    Round 4: Wrapping up

Background papers:

Aiginger, K. (2011), Why performance differed across countries in the recent crisis: how country performance in the recent crisis depended on pre-crisis conditions

Card, D., J. Kluve and A. Weber  (2010), Active labour market policy evaluations: a meta-analysis

Kambayashi, R. and T. Kato (2011), Long-term employment and job security over the last twenty-five years: a comparative study of Japan and the U.S.



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