Statistiques des échanges internationaux et de la balance des paiements

7th OECD International Trade Statistics Expert Meeting (ITS), Paris, 11-13 September 2006


Monday, 11 September 2006, 10h00 a.m.
Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 09h30 a.m.
Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 02h30 p.m. 
      Joint session with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade in Services Statistics (TIS)
Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 09h30 a.m.
      Joint session with the OECD-Eurostat Experts in Trade in Services Statistics (TIS) - until lunch


Agenda (7 September 2006)

Monday, 11 September 2006, 10h00 a.m.

1. Welcome and adoption of the agenda, STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/A(2006)1/REV1 (pdf)

2. Report of the 6th ITS Meeting 12-14 September 2005 STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)1 (pdf)

3. New developments at  OECD

a) Integrated  Economic Statistics and the place of trade: OECD.Stat, the  OECD data warehouse now in operation  - OECD STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)2 (pdf)  Presentation/(2006)2 (PowerPoint)
b) The new and operational UNSD-OECD Joint Trade Data Collection and Processing System  (the WBC=Web Browser Client):
         - Presentation of main features  
           STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)3 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)3 (PowerPoint)
         - Trade data  issues -OECD/STD 
           STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)4 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)4 (PowerPoint)
         - Methodological issues – OECD/STD 
           STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)5 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)5 (PowerPoint) 
         - Processing System issues - OECD/ITN 
           STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)6 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)6 (PowerPoint) 
         - Data collection using SDMX - Oral report Presentation/(2006)7 (PowerPoint) 
c) Integrating ISIC-based trade data into the WBC – OECD’s approach 
Room Document ITS4 (PowerPoint)
d) Adding value to data: trade databases, metadata and links to analysis – the new OECD trade portal  Presentation/(2006)8 (PowerPoint) 

4. New developments in OECD Member Countries   Room Document ITS3 (pdf)

Delegates will be invited (tour de table) to summarize significant developments during the past 12-18 months as well as planned developments or ongoing studies in their country’s trade statistics. As last year, OECD has sent to countries a framework questionnaire to structure the debate. Particular emphasis is put on:
         - timeliness and quality of data
         - methodological research issues
         - data linking and globalisation
         - key challenges  for the future

Lunch break

5. Inter – Agency Co-operation and coordination -   Presentation/(2006)9/10/11 (PowerPoint) 

a) Report on the 37th UN Statistical Commission – UNSD STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)9 (pdf)
b) New developments in UNSDs  Trade databases - UNSD STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)10 (pdf)
c) First results of the UNSD Questionnaire 2006 (jointly sent out with OECD to NSOs) on national compilation and dissemination practices in international merchandise trade statistics 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)11 (pdf)
d) Outcome of the Inter Agency Merchandise Trade Task  Force meeting,  Santiago de Chile,  April  2006 – WTO STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)12 (pdf)
e) The Common data Set of the Task Force on International Merchandise Trade Statistics (update)  – WTO  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)13 (pdf)

6. Classification issues affecting trade statistics

a) Revision of activity and product classifications -  implications for trade statistics
    - SITC revision update – UNSD
    - CPC revision update - UNSD
    STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)14 (pdf)
b) The OECD ICT Sector classification: a possible useful  addition to the standard set of OECD trade statistics – OECD/STI  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)15 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)15 (PowerPoint) 

7. Adding more value to trade data

a) Import content of exports – Country presentation 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)16 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)16 (PowerPoint)
b) Different modes of transport and asymmetries – Country presentation
c) Identifying and measuring re-exports and re-imports – Country presentation
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)18 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)18 (PowerPoint)
d) Bilateral trade flows and Input-Output Analysis - OECD/STI 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)19 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)19 (PowerPoint)                        


 Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 9h30 a.m.

8. Methodological research issues:

a) Export champion and “Bazaar economy”? How Germany coped with globalisation – Country presentation] -> this item will be presented Wednesday morning at 9h30
b) VAT fraud and the trade supply chain: the  “missing trader” or carousel fraud and its impact on trade statistics – Country presentation 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/A(2006)21 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)21 (PowerPoint)  
c) Trade volumes and unit values:  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)22 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)22 (zip)
         - Progress Report on a new OECD project
         - UNSD practice Room Document ITS2 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)ITS2 (PowerPoint)
         - Eurostat practice

9. Linkages of Structural Business Statistics and Trade Statistics

a)  Report from the 1st OECD Steering Group Meeting on linking Trade and Structural Business Statistics, Ottawa,  19-21 June 2006 – OECD 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/A(2006)23 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)23 (PowerPoint)
b) Country report Canada Room Document ITS1 (PowerPoint)
c) Country report Belgium Presentation/(2006)25 (PowerPoint)
d) Compilation of external trade by enterprise characteristics - Eurostat 
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS/A(2006)26 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)26 (PowerPoint)

10. Draft conclusions and directions for future work  Presentation/Conclusions(2006) (PowerPoint)

Secretariat  summary and proposals
Roundtable discussion

Main themes and date of the 8th ITS meeting

Lunch break

Tuesday, 12 September 2006, 2h30 p.m.

Joint International Trade Statistics (ITS) - Trade in Services (TIS) Session

Welcome and opening by E. Giovannini, Chief Statistician of OECD and Director of the Statistics Directorate

11. Globalisation and Trade Indicators Project   

a) OECD Globalisation Indicators – update from OECD/STI  STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)27 (pdf)
b) The OECD Trade Indicators:  new developments  - OECD/STD
STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)28 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)28 (PowerPoint)

12. OECD revisions database and application to merchandise trade and current balance aggregates – OECD/STD STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)29 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)29 (PowerPoint)

13.The Export Import Price Indices Manual – Progress report for information – OECD/STD
     Oral report  Presentation/(2006)30 (PowerPoint)

14. Revision of the Balance of Payments Manual – Progress report IMF

a) Leases and licenses  IMF/OECD -  Oral report
b) Draft BPM Chapter on the “The Goods and Services Account” – for discussion

Cocktail reception 06h00 p.m.


 Wednesday, 13 September 2006, 09h30 a.m.

Joint session ITS-TIS- continued

8. Methodological research issues:

a) Export champion and “Bazaar economy”? How Germany coped with globalisation – Country presentation Germany, BDI STD/NAES/TASS/ITS(2006)20 (PowerPoint)

15. Foreign Affiliates Trade in Services Statistics

a) Eurostat Foreign Affiliates Regulation  -  Eurostat oral report  Presentation/(2006)31 (PowerPoint)b) Country studies:
    i)  Improving Insurance, Wholesale, Retail and Financial Services Measures in FATS and Cross-border Trade – US BEA Room document TIS5 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)TIS5 (PowerPoint)
    ii)  Foreign Affiliates Statistics - Australia's experience and plans 
         STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2006)13 (pdf), Presentation/SERV(2006)13 (PowerPoint)
    iii) FATS and Globalisation Survey in Israel 
         Room Document TIS1 (pdf), Presentation/(2006)TIS1 (PowerPoint)
c) How are services being internationalised? - OECD/STD 
    STD/NAES/TASS/SERV(2006)14 (pdf), Presentation/SERV(2006)14 (PowerPoint)

16. Revision of the Benchmark definition of FDI – OECD/DAFFE  Oral report
       Presentation/(2006)32 (PowerPoint)

17. OECD Balance of Payments Dataset – Progress Report OECD  Oral report
       Presentation/(2006)33 (PowerPoint)