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  • 2-June-2010

    English, , 511kb

    Bilateral and Regional Trade Agreements and Technical Barriers to Trade: An African Perspective

    Using key principles and provisions of the WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) as a yardstick for analysis, this paper examines whether and how eight major regional integration agreements in Sub-Saharan Africa address TBT.

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  • 29-April-2010


    Environment and Regional Trade Agreements: Developments in 2009

    This is a third update on developments in the field of regional trade agreements and environment covering the period late 2008 to December 2009. (OECD Trade and Environment Working Paper N° 2010-01)

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  • 29-March-2010


    Export Restrictions on Strategic Raw Materials and Their Impact on Trade

    Metals and minerals such as copper, titanium and rare earths are used to produce high-tech and energy-efficient goods such as hybrid vehicles, computers and aircraft. This paper looks at the impacts of export restrictions often put on these raw materials.

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  • 18-janvier-2010

    Français, , 701kb

    Importance économique de l'agriculture dans la lutte contre la pauvreté

    La déclaration du Millénaire fixe 2015 comme date cible pour réduire de moitié le nombre de personnes vivant dans une extrême pauvreté. Ce document examine le rôle du secteur agricole et les caractéristiques communes à 25 pays ayant remarquablement réussi à lutter contre l’extrême pauvreté.

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  • 9-December-2009


    Binding constraints to trade expansion: aid for trade objectives and diagnostic tools

    This paper shows that the most common objectives of aid for trade projects have a strong economic underpinning and sets forth strategies to identify the most binding constraints to trade expansion.

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  • 3-novembre-2009


    Trade in Intermediate Goods and Services

    A higher share of imported inputs leads to productivity gains in domestic industries and reduces inefficiencies in the use of technology, according to this study of international trade in intermediate goods and services.

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  • 2-novembre-2009

    Français, , 914kb

    Le point sur les couts des echanges : le transport maritime et son effet sur les echanges agricoles

    Les coûts du transport maritime ont un effet significatif sur les échanges de biens agricoles. Ces coûts représentent une proportion élevée de la valeur des produits agricoles importés, 10% en moyenne, ce qui est un niveau similaire à celui des barrières douanières agricoles

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  • 1-novembre-2009

    Français, , 915kb

    Cadre d’analyse coût-avantages pour l’évaluation des mesures non tarifaires s’appliquant aux échanges agroalimentaires

    Ce rapport présente un cadre conceptuel pour l’évaluation des coûts et bénéfices associés aux mesures non tarifaires s'appliquant aux échanges agroalimentaires. Il permet une évaluation comparative basée sur les faits des diverses approches réglementaires.

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  • 9-October-2009

    English, , 739kb

    Clarifying Trade Costs: Maritime Transport and its Effect on Agricultural Trade

    Maritime transport costs have a significant impact on the trade in agricultural goods. Maritime transport costs represent a high proportion of the imported value of agricultural products -- 10% on average, which is a similar level of magnitude as agricultural tariffs.

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  • 21-August-2009

    English, , 1,979kb

    South Africa's Trade and Growth

    This paper examines key trade and trade related issues facing South Africa and describes South Africa’s re-entry into the global trade architecture and its economic growth in the context of its trade performance.

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