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  • 1-October-2014


    OECD participating in the WTO Public Forum 2014

    The OECD Trade and Agriculture Directorate will have an informational booth at this year's WTO Forum trade & people fair and will also host a panel discussion on trade and jobs.

  • 30-June-2014


    OECD Development Week 2014

    The OECD Development Week (30 June, 1- 3 July 2014) is organised by the OECD Development Centre. High-level policy makers, representatives of the private sector, investors, civil society organisations, foundations and think tanks will gather at the OECD to look into current patterns of globalisation and explore more dynamic paths for inclusive and sustainable growth at global, regional and national levels.

  • 5-May-2014


    G20 Australian Presidency - OECD Stocktaking Seminar on Global Value Chains 2014

    Ministers, G20 Sherpas, international organisations and policy makers come together at the OECD to examine the progress made to date on measuring trade in value-added terms and to distill the policy implications.

  • 14-April-2014


    International Business Dialogue 2014: Better Regulation to Enhance Trade

    The objective of the International Business Dialogue 2014 is to collect input from the business community on regulatory impediments to trade and identify areas to improve international regulatory cooperation.

  • 29-May-2013


    G20/ OECD Stocktaking Seminar on Global Value Chains

    A wide range of stakeholders examined the progress made on measuring trade in value added terms and to extract and clarify the emerging policy implications that can be employed to stimulate strong, balanced and job-rich growth.

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  • 8-April-2013

    English, PDF, 1,047kb

    Summary Report: OECD International Business Dialogue 2013

    Business representatives and policy makers provided lively debate and valuable insights on barriers to 21st century commerce when they met at this event at OECD headquarters in Paris. Read the main discussion points, online survey results and recommendations.

  • 4-March-2013


    OECD International Business Dialogue 2013: Barriers to 21st Century Commerce - 4-5 March 2013

    What obstacles do companies face in doing business internationally? This event brought together representatives from firms in various sectors and regions to identify and prioritize barriers to international business activity.

  • 22-novembre-2012


    Dialogue à l'OCDE sur l'Aide pour le commerce

    Le Dialogue organisé à l'OCDE réunira un large éventail de parties prenantes des pays en développement et des pays développés, notamment des acteurs de la coopération sud-sud, afin de discuter de la marche à suivre pour continuer d'obtenir des résultats dans le domaine de l'aide pour le commerce. La réunion aura lieu les 16 et 17 janvier 2013 à l'OCDE, Paris.

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  • 22-novembre-2012

    Français, Word doc, 65kb

    Fiche d'inscription - Dialogue des politiques sur l'aide pour le commerce 2013.

    Fiche d'inscription pour la Dialogue des politiques sur l'aide pour le commerce, 16-17 janvier 2013.

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  • 2-October-2012


    Workshop on Competition between State-owned and Privately-owned Enterprises in International Markets, 18-19 October 2012

    OECD Workshop on Competition between State-owned and Privately-owned Enterprises in International Markets, 18-19 October 2012

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