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  • 27-April-2017


    Making Globalisation Work for All: An OECD Perspective

    It is a pleasure to be with you in Copenhagen. This conference fits neatly with the reflection which Denmark has been leading as Chair of the 2017 OECD Ministerial Council Meeting, whose theme is making globalisation work for all.

  • 19-avril-2017


    Règles des primes de 2017 pour les crédits à l'exportation bénéficiant d'un soutien public

    Règles sur Primes minimum pour les crédits à l'exportation bénéficiant d'un soutien public en novembre 2016 implémenté en 2017

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  • 13-avril-2017


    Mesurer les Échanges en Valeur Ajoutée

    L'initiative conjointe de l'OCDE et de l'OMC pour la mesure du commerce extérieur en valeur ajoutée a pour but de remédier au comptage multiple qui est implicite dans les mesures classiques de flux commerciaux bruts, et de s'intéresser plutôt à la valeur ajoutée par les pays (au travers de la rémunération du travail, des taxes et des profits) dans la production des biens ou services exportés.

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  • 13-April-2017


    Towards a Better Globalisation - How Germany Can Respond to the Crisis

    People in many countries, especially advanced countries, are expressing growing discontent about globalisation. They feel that its benefits have accrued mostly to a small and already well-off segment of the population. In addition, many citizens are dissatisfied with the way economic integration has been advanced. They complain about too little transparency and too many conflicts of interests between policy makers and firms. Several of the negative effects feeding the discontent have more to do with technological change than with globalisation per se, but the two are closely intertwined. Moreover, the policies put in place to alleviate negative impacts of economic openness on some groups, industries and regions have not always worked as intended, and global rule-making has not kept up with reality. Given its many benefits, reversing economic integration is not a solution. Rather, we need to find ways to make it work for all. This report sets out what needs to be done to advance a fairer and more inclusive globalisation – at the global level, at the European level and within Germany.

  • 11-April-2017

    English, PDF, 2,843kb

    Towards a Better Globalisation: How Germany can respond to the critics

    Citizens in many countries are expressing dissatisfaction with how they believe trade, technology and immigration are affecting their daily lives. While much of this discontent can be traced back to the global economic crisis, its root causes are more complex. What can be done at the Global, European and German level?

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  • 8-April-2017


    Inclusive Global Value Chains - Policy Options in Trade and Complementary Areas for GVC Integration by Small and Medium Enterprises and Low-Income Developing Countries

    This joint OECD and World Bank Group report, presented to G20 Trade Ministers in October 2015, focuses on the challenge of making GVCs more “inclusive” by overcoming participation constraints for SMEs and facilitating access for LIDCs. Results suggest that SME participation in GVCs is mostly taking place through indirect contribution to exports (rather than through direct exports), and that a holistic approach to trade, investment and national and multilateral policy action is needed to create more inclusive GVCs.

    The report highlights the importance of ensuring access to ICT networks – in particular broadband – and stimulating innovation – in particular by enhancing the ability of SMEs to manage and protect their intellectual assets. At the same, the report underscores the importance of helping small firms scale up quickly, and to better integrate in GVCs by lowering barriers to the entry, growth and exit of firms. Countries should also avoid favouring incumbents over new firms.

  • 6-avril-2017

    Français, Excel, 140kb

    Réactualisation annuelle des taux de primes minimums (TPM) pour les aéronefs de catégories 2 et 3 [ASU 2007]

    Les taux de primes minimums (TPM) pour les aéronefs de catégories 2 et 3 viennent d’être réactualisés. Ces taux réactualisés s’appliquent à compter du 15 avril 2017 en lieu et place des tableaux 2 a) et 2 b) de l’ Appendice III de l’Accord sectoriel sur les aéronefs de 2007

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  • 28-mars-2017


    La contrefaçon touche un cinquième des téléphones mobiles expédiés dans le monde

    Un téléphone mobile sur cinq et une console de jeux vidéo sur quatre qui traversent les frontières sont des faux, alors que le commerce des contrefaçons prend de l’ampleur dans le domaine des équipements informatiques et de communication au détriment des consommateurs, des fabricants et des finances publiques. C’est ce que l’OCDE révèle dans un nouveau rapport sur le commerce des biens de contrefaçon.

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  • 28-March-2017


    Trade in Counterfeit ICT Goods

    Recent years have witnessed a constant rise in the spread of ICT (information and communication technologies) infrastructure and a growing demand for ICT goods. The production of these goods is knowledge intensive and the industry relies extensively on intellectual property (IP) rights. This strong and growing demand for ICT goods, and their IP dependence, makes them an attractive target for counterfeiters. This study looks at the trade in counterfeit ICT goods, including the size of the trade, the main sources of fake goods, and the countries whose companies are most affected.

  • 17-mars-2017


    Accord Sectoriel sur les Crédits à l’Exportation d’Aéronefs Civils : parties contractantes à la Convention du Cap pour lesquelles un abattement au titre de cette Convention est autorisé

    La liste des Etats pour lesquels un tel abattement est autorisé au titre de la Convention du Cap, telle qu’approuvée à ce jour par les Participants à l’ASU.

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