• 4-April-2018


    Growth in a Multilateral World: The Role of Inclusive Trade and Quality Investment

    Despite these glimmerings of hope, the multilateral system is under strain and governments around the world are facing a public backlash against globalisation, open markets and trade. This is partly due to a lack of trust in the international system and partly because the benefits of globalisation have not been evenly distributed across all peoples and regions.

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  • 17-octobre-2017


    Le Royaume-Uni doit conserver des liens étroits avec l'UE pour relever les défis du Brexit

    L'économie du Royaume-Uni a fléchi après le référendum à l'issue duquel les électeurs Britanniques ont décidé de quitter l'Union européenne (UE). Il sera crucial de conserver des liens étroits avec l'UE et de mettre en œuvre des mesures destinées à renforcer la productivité pour préserver le niveau de vie de la population du Royaume-Uni dans l'avenir, selon un nouveau rapport de l'OCDE.

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  • 21-December-2016

    English, PDF, 188kb

    Services Trade Restrictiveness Index Country Note: United Kingdom

    A two-page OECD summary and analysis of the Services Trade Restrictiveness Index results for the United Kingdom.

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  • 8-April-2014

    English, PDF, 248kb

    United Kingdom - OECD Trade Facilitation Indicators

    Analysis for the United Kingdom (UK) from OECD trade facilitation indicators that identify areas where countries can improve border procedures, reduce trade costs, boost trade flows and reap greater benefits from international trade.

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  • 23-March-2012


    Trade for growth (OECD Insights blog post)

    Boosting trade is one of the surest drivers of sustainable growth, explains Ian Wood, Deputy Permanent Representative of the United Kingdom to the OECD, in this OECD Insights blog post.

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  • 11-April-2011


    Transparency Mechanisms and Non-Tariff Measures: Case Studies

    Transparent design and implementation of domestic regulation reduces business costs for the public and private sector, according to these case studies from Australia, the European Union, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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  • 6-July-2009


    Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009 - United Kingdom

    The Aid for Trade at a Glance 2009: Maintaining Momentum report presents the results of the second monitoring exercise of the Aid for Trade Initiative and documents its success so far.

  • 11-novembre-2002

    Français, , 378kb

    Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform in the United Kingdom

    This report on Enhancing Market Openness through Regulatory Reform analyses the institutional set-up and use of policy instruments in the United Kingdom. It also includes the country-specific policy recommendations developed by the OECD during th...

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