The OECD welcomes the Czech Republic to the Development Assistance Committee


15/05/2013 - The Czech Republic is now the 26th  member of the OECD Development Assistance Committee (DAC).


The government increased  Official Development Assistance (ODA) by 30% over the past few years, to a total of  USD 219 million  (0.12% of GNI) in 2012. About one-third of that is bilateral aid, concentrated mostly in five countries: Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Moldova and Mongolia. The Czech Republic’s multilateral assistance is mainly channeled through the European Union.


“The Czech Republic’s successful transformation towards democracy and a market economy offers valuable experience on building democratic institutions and social, economic and infrastructure development that will enrich the DAC’s work,” said Mr. Erik Solheim, the OECD Chair of the Development Assistance Committee. “For its part, membership in the Committee will  further reinforce the Czech Republic’s progress in its development work and I hope that its accession to the DAC will encourage other countries to join in the near future”.


The Czech Republic is the first European Union member to join the DAC since the accession of Greece in 1999 and the second OECD country to join in 2013, following the recent accession of Iceland.


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