Statistiques sur le financement pour le développement

OECD-DAC Secretariat simulation of DAC members’ net ODA volumes


Starting around the time of the International Conference on Financing for Development, held at Monterrey, Mexico, in March 2002, many donors made promises to increase their aid levels.


The OECD kept track of these promises.


Beginning in 2004, it published in its annual Development Co-operation Report (DCR) a “simulation table” showing what the effect on aid volume would be if donors’ promises were met.  These tables were the responsibility of the DAC Secretariat, but the figures were checked, as far as possible, with the donors concerned. 


Following the commitments and projections made around the Gleneagles G8 and Millennium+5 Summits in 2005, the tables provided simulations for 2010 ODA.


For ease of reference, all of these annual simulation tables are shown together below.  They provide a series of snapshots of the status of DAC members’ future aid commitments, taken towards the end of each year.


While the units of measurement were adapted to match the constant dollars used in each report, it is still possible to track the evolution of members’ commitments for 2010 by (i) consulting the “Assumptions” column, (ii) using the projected ODA/GNI ratios, or (iii) using the last table, which reverts to 2004 constant dollars, the unit of measurement in the which the 2005 projections were cast.  The last table shows how falls in several countries’ national incomes after 2007 reduced the value of ODA commitments that had been expressed as shares of national income.
*The title of the Development Co-operation Report traditionally carried the date of the year preceding its publication. However, beginning with the issue published in March 2009, the title now reflects the actual year of publication. This explains why the publication sequence jumps from the 2007 to the 2009 Report.