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Islamic Development Bank statistical reporting to the DAC


This brief is about reporting by the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) on its development finance flows to the OECD-DAC’s reporting system and it explains the specificities of Islamic financial instruments that are part of the IsDB portfolio.


Total IsDB development financing from their core resources amounted to USD 3.6 billion in 2012. IsDB started reporting on their non-concessional project financing in 2011 (on 2010 flows), greatly improving reporting coverage as it accounts for about 90% of the total. In that same year, IsDB started to report details on individual projects (activity-level reporting). Its data can now be incorporated in various analyses based on DAC statistics in a comparable manner with those of bilateral providers and, for example, the other International Financial Institutions (IFIs).


Read the full brief (pdf, 492 kb)


The OECD-DAC warmly welcomes the efforts of the IsDB to report its flows and stands ready to collaborate with other countries and organisations to improve the tracking of development co-operation flows at the global level.






ISDB statistical reporting to the DAC



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