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  • 23-October-2012


    Latin America on the Global Stage

    As keynote, Secretary-General Angel Gurría addresses participants at the 2012 Canning Conference focusing on "Latin America on the Global Stage" held in London. He stresses the role of SMEs and the need for inclusive growth with reduced inequality as the way forward.

  • 16-October-2012


    Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría addresses the 4th OECD World Forum on Statistics, Knowledge and Policy on "Measuring Well-Being for Development and Policy Making" in New Delhi to discuss how fundamental goals can be translated into policy practice.

  • 12-October-2012


    Statement to the World Bank Development Committee on jobs, gender equality, and managing disaster risks

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría and J. Brian Atwood, Chair of the Development Assistance Committee outline the progress made on the Busan Partnership and the challenges that lie ahead in supporting developing country inclusive growth and resilience.

  • 4-October-2012


    Harnessing Africa’s Resources for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

    OECD Secretary-General Angel Gurría opens the 12th International Economic Forum on Africa, “Promoting Youth Employment: Making the Most of Africa’s Human Resources & Natural Wealth” focused on how Africa can best apply its human and natural resources to drive sustainable and inclusive development.

  • 29-June-2012


    Final meeting of Working Party on Aid Effectiveness

    Leaders met in Busan and agreed to form the Global Partnership for Development Co-operation to strengthen trust, accountability and knowledge-sharing in development co-operation. Angel Gurría offered some thoughts on each of these objectives.

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  • 25-May-2012


    Latin America: A bright future

    Though Latin American economies are growing quickly, they must reduce inequality and improve infrastructure and education to maintain the growth trajectory, said OECD Secretary-General at the International Economic Forum on Latin America and the Caribbean organised in Paris.

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  • 30-mars-2012


    Les espoirs apportés par les pays émergents dans la crise actuelle par rapport au doute autocentré de nos « vieux » pays européens

    Les progrès réalisés dans la mise en place de ces trois bases – institutions, éducation et infrastructure – ont permis à de nombreux pays émergents d’asseoir les fondements de la croissance et du développement, mais l'ajustement des réformes structurelles devra aussi nécessairement passer par des questions de démocratisation et l'émergence de nouvelles sources de croissance.

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  • 17-March-2012


    China Development Forum

    While China's recent growth trajectory certainly has been notable, the country still faces a number of challenges to build a more inclusive economy as it attains higher levels of prosperity for its citizens, said OECD Secretary-General.

  • 1-March-2012


    High Level Meeting for the Development Centre’s 50th Anniversary - Secretary General's Speech

    Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the OECD Development Centre, Angel Gurria said that inequality, climate change and conflict make development a shared global objective with implications for both rich and poor countries.

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  • 1-December-2011


    How to Maximize Impact on Development

    Building more effective public sector institutions is an essential component of aid effectiveness. If we work together and take into consideration the realities of developing countries, we will build a more prosperous and equitable world, said A. Gurría.

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