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  • 3-November-2015


    International Seminar on Governance and Development: Good Practices and the Role of External Control - Opening remarks

    We are here today because we share a common cause: better governance for better lives. And, today, we have an excellent opportunity to reflect on the vital role of supreme audit institutions – or SAIs – in achieving this goal.

  • 30-October-2015


    Visit of H.E. Tabaré Vázquez, President of Uruguay: Welcome remarks

    Uruguay becomes the Development Centre’s 51st member and our 10th from Latin America and the Caribbean. There is much to learn from Uruguay’s experience. Over the last few decades, Uruguay has skilfully navigated its way through economic and political turbulence, demonstrating its resilience and resolve. And its achievements are impressive.

  • 22-octobre-2015


    Conférence internationale pour la relance économique et le développement du Mali

    Un meilleur avenir pour le Mali dépendra du dialogue et de la confiance entre tous les acteurs. Nous l’atteindrons en nous alignant sur la vision stratégique, les priorités et les politiques publiques définies par le gouvernement malien, soucieux d’un processus inclusif dans l’esprit de l’Accord d’Alger.

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  • 10-October-2015


    World Bank/IMF & G20 Finance Ministers and Central Bank Governors meeting: Written statement to the Development Committee

    The OECD is well placed to contribute to global follow-up on the sustainable development goals (SDGs) with its range of measurement, country assessment, peer review and peer learning mechanisms. Indeed, its data, expertise, and convening power can serve as a GPS for SDG implementation.

  • 6-October-2015


  • 1-October-2015


    Global Parliamentary Network meeting - A conversation on the sustainable development agenda

    In the last decade, the world has made important progress in fighting extreme poverty, but we still have a long way to go. I just came back from New York, where the international community adopted the Sustainable Development Goals. Enthusiasm was in abundance, but the debate was pretty sobering.

  • 28-September-2015


    Remarks on the launch of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

    I am excited by the launch of this partnership. It can play a crucial role in driving a data revolution that improves lives and helps us make the right decisions to speed our progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals.

  • 28-September-2015


    High-level conference on the Sustainable Development Goals: Africa's perspective

    Africa will play a make-or-break role in how the Sustainable Development Goals story plays out. Under the leadership of the African Union, Africans have already adopted their own development roadmap.

  • 27-September-2015


    Remarks at high-level event on a new rural development paradigm and the inclusive and sustainable new communities model inspired by Saemul Undong

    Tackling human development means tackling rural development – the two go hand in hand. We used to think the solution was rapid urbanisation and industrialisation. Now, we know that in well-performing economies, rural areas tend to be resilient, contributing to national wealth and social stability.

  • 26-September-2015


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