Best Practices / Guidelines

  • 11-March-2015


    Roadmap for Resilience in Somalia

    This analysis focused on building a shared understanding of the Somali context and the need for a ‘roadmap for resilience’ to transcend the country’s chronic challenges.

  • 9-mars-2015



    Notre documentation technique pour la production de statistiques de l’aide précises, fiables, transparentes. Les données statistiques du CAD sont basées sur une méthodologie normalisée et des définitions approuvées par consensus, assurant la comparabilité de données à travers des donneurs et des bénéficiaires.

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  • 3-March-2015

    Portuguese, PDF, 1,023kb

    Evaluating Development Activities - Twelve Lessons from DAC Peer Reviews - Portuguese

    Evaluating development co-operation activities is one of the areas where the DAC’s influence on policy and practice can most readily be observed. Having an evaluation system that is well-established is one of the conditions of becoming a member of the DAC. Each peer review examines the set-up and management of the evaluation function, using the norms and standards developed by the DAC’s Network on Development Evaluation.

  • 5-February-2015

    French, PDF, 438kb

    Évaluation des activités de développement 12 leçons du CAD de l’OCDE

    Évaluation des activités de développement 12 leçons du CAD de l’OCDE

  • 7-October-2014


    Mainstreaming on cross-cutting issues

    This booklet outlines 7 important lessons on mainstreaming of cross-cutting issues such as gender equality and the environment in all DAC peer reviews in recognition of their importance in development co-operation.

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  • 28-April-2014

    English, PDF, 1,029kb

    Guidance for Managing Joint Evaluations - Korean

    Guidance for Managing Joint Evaluations

  • 19-December-2013


    Publications and Working Papers

    This page provides a summary of publications and working papers released by the OECD on the nexus between development co-operation and green growth, climate change and the environment.

  • 3-December-2013



    Help resources for the OECD's Aid Statistics web pages including tutorials and guides to accessing statistics.

  • 21-October-2013


    Results Measurement and Management

    The OECD Development Cooperation Directorate is taking a fresh look at the results agenda in an effort to help advance results management among DAC members.

  • 8-August-2013


    A Toolkit of Policy Options to Support Inclusive Green Growth

    The non-prescriptive Inclusive Green Growth Toolkit developed by four International Organizations (IOs) - AfDB, OECD, UN, and WB - at the request of the G20 Development Working Group under the Mexican G20 Presidency in June 2012 and updated in July 2013

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